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“OCP’s strategy is to fully develop the resources of the Company, which, beyond phosphates, means our human capital – namely, the men and women who work for us. “

Mostafa Terrab, Chairman and CEO, 2009

As Chairman and CEO Mostafa Terrab’s statement indicates, OCP’s human resource management revolves around the fundamental concept of Human Capital.  We take a bottom-up approach toward Human Capital – those men and women that we seek, select, recruit, develop and promote. These principles guarantee that our employees the best possible working conditions and quality of life.

OCP gives equal importance to expanding the experience of our current employees and efficiently integrating our new recruits, as we understand that both contribute significantly to the success of our business strategy.

Collective intelligence supports performance

Our ambitious growth program was significantly accelerated with our recent 2011 recruitment campaign, in which several hundred new employees were hired in all business areas and at all levels. Both the ongoing training campaigns and the creation of the Knowledge Institute in 2010 testify to our commitment to the success of our employee industrial development program.