PPP - Complex Fertilizers

Complex Fertilizers is a range of complex fertilizers that provide to soils and crops the primary, secondary and micronutrients. These formulations improve agricultural yields as part of a balanced fertilization.

  • NP+ 19-38-0-7S
  • NP+ 12-46-0-7S
  • NP+ 12-48-0-5S
  • NP+ 12-45-0-5S-1Zn
  • NPK+ 15-15-15-10S
  • NPK+ 15-15-15-6S-1B2O3
  • NPK+ 14-23-14-5S-1B2O3
  • NPK+ 14-18-18-6S-1B2O3
  • NPK+ 12-24-12-4S
  • NPK+ 10-20-10-6S
  • NPK+ 20-20-0-10S
  • NPK+ 10-20-10-6S-1B2O3-0.5Zn
  • NPK+ 12-20-18-5S-1B2O3