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Jorf Lasfar Phosphate Hub (JPH)

A cornerstone of our multi-billion dollar strategic expansion plan is the Jorf Lasfar Phosphate Hub. This state-of-the art complex is based on the “plug and play” concept whereby international companies will be able to produce quality phosphate products at competitive costs using our company’s infrastructure, processes, expertise and raw materials, and employing our country’s skilled workforce.

We currently have three million tons per annum of DAP/MAP capacity in Jorf Lasfar and have already launched the first phase of our expansion, which calls for having another four million tons per annum of DAP/MAP capacity up-and-running by July 2015.

The units, which will be almost identical, will be built and commissioned at six-month intervals starting in July 2013, each with a capacity of one million metric tons per year. By building separate, identical units in sequence, we will be able to manage our engineering, design, procurement and construction costs. We plan to contain operating expenses by optimizing site logistics, maintenance, planning, spare parts and training. Hand-in-hand with building the new units, we will be expanding our port facility in Jorf Lasfar to handle up to 35 million metric tons a year of product, upgrading the Jorf platform’s common infrastructure and integrating our new phosphate slurry pipeline.

The second phase of our JPH expansion entails building up to six DAP/MAP units to be operational starting in 2020. When the hub is fully built out, our annual DAP/MAP production capacity will have increased from our current three million metric tons to more than 13 million metric tons, and Morocco will be by far the world’s largest supplier of phosphate rock, phosphoric acid and DAP/MAP.