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Since its conception in 2009, managerial excellence programs, specialized programs for the Group’s various business lines, integration seminars for new hires, and conferences have been launched through the Corporate Training Institute. These programs have all been built under the sponsorship of top management and in partnership with leading academic institutions in their respective fields.

A place for sharing knowledge

The Corporate Training Institute contributes to the development of professional communities while enriching its offer and developing its interactive trainings. The focus is placed on using a leading-edge technological approach, allowing the Institute to provide to its internal clients innovative learning solutions.


Vision & pedagogical Position

  • Promote a better understanding of the Group's strategy and its challenges, -
  • Provide training to accompany these strategic orientations,
  • Support our employees in their career development: these are the guiding principles of the Institute's policies.

Developing skills to achieve excellence

As part of the Group’s development strategy, OCP has launched a program to create five Operational Skills Centers at the different operational sites in Morocco. With a capacity to receive 7,625 participants, these Centers will lead to the creation of over 500 new jobs. The Operational Skills Centers with a focus on chemistry are located in Jorf Lasfar and Safi, those with a focus on mining are located in Khouribga and Benguerir, and in Laayoune the Center focuses on both mining and chemistry.

Training courses at these centers cover subjects related to chemical and mining industries, HSE (Health, Safety and Environment), extraction, beneficiation, sulfuric and phosphoric acid production, fertilizers, mechanical and electrical engineering, and instrumentation.

The training programs offered at the Operational Skills Centers  are primarily for the benefit of our employees within the group, but also for young graduates of vocational and engineering schools to help improve their chances when entering the workforce. They can also benefit organizations willing to improve their skills and competitiveness, as well as young entrepreneurs wishing to start their own business and require technical support.

These centers offer efficient training programs, using modern and tailored educational tools such as e-Learning, simulators, etc. which facilitate the transmission of knowledge and experience accumulated by the Group. All this combined with practical hands-on training, simulations, technical workshops and test laboratories.

These methods are also enriched by the intervention of world renowned partners such as SNS-LAVALLIN for subjects related to mining, TECHNIFUTUR for maintenance, and DUPONT for HSE.