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Values we commit to

OCP’s values are rooted in our history and are the breeding ground that drives the Group and unifies its associates and partners.
Developed in three languages (Arabic, French and English), these multi-lingual values reflect the perspective of a national leader that values all people around the world.
OCP will stand as a world class leader in creating global food security through operational excellence and an equal commitment to sustainability.

  • Leadership
    • Be capable of mobilizing and motivating others to work together towards a common goal
    • Encourage others to challenge themselves
    • Be able to make decisions and arbitrate
    • Be prepared to adapt to and manage change
  • Responsibility / engagement
    • Shoulder one’s responsibilities and be accountable for one’s actions and those of one’s team
    • Demonstrate a genuine commitment to collective success
  • Courage
    • Persevere in one’s work and see one’s projects to their end
    • Proactively seek to go beyond one’s comfort zone and be capable of taking risks
    • Be able to raise and defend new ideas
    • Know how to give and receive feedback in an honest and constructive manner
  • Modesty
    • Be humble in all circumstances
    • Value the team’s accomplishments rather than one’s own contribution
    • Know how to question and challenge oneself/embrace challenges and constantly seek self-improvement
  • Solidarity
    • Promote teamwork
    • Place the Group’s interest before self-interest
    • Make one’s knowledge and knowhow available to others; contribute to collective intelligence
    • Help one’s collaborators without expecting something in return
    • Respect others and recognize their value, practice empathy
    • Listen to and value divergent viewpoints
  • Ijtihad
    • Be creative and innovative
    • Question and challenge oneself in order to grow and evolve
  • Integrity / loyalty
    • Demonstrate transparency, integrity and honesty in all circumstances
    • Be a role model internally and externally