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What we produce

Fertilizers are most commonly used to improve soil fertility by enhancing nutrient content in the soil and, accordingly, to increase crop production and yields. Phosphate is one of the 3 macronutrients that are essential for plant growth.

As a phosphate market leader, OCP produces a wide range of products across its value chain (rock, acid, and fertilizers)

  • Phosphate rock;
  • Phosphoric acid;
  • Phosphate fertilizers mainly including DAP (Diammonium phosphate), MAP (Monoammonium phosphate), TSP (Triple superphosphate) and NPK (Nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium);
  • Performance Phosphate Products (specialty products) such as enriched fertilizers with micronutrients (including sulphur), reactive rock-based fertilizers (TERACTIV) and water soluble fertilizers (Soluble MAP);
  • Animal Feed Supplements, after concentration and granulation of phosphoric acid or by purification

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