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The Phosboucraa Foundation celebrates Saint-Exupéry and the Hassanie culture at the IMA

A round table was organized, on Monday December 18th at the Institute of the Arab World (IMA) in Paris by the Phosboucraa Foundation, the French National Council for Human Rights (CNDH) and the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Foundation for Youth (FASEJ), and entitled "Antoine de Saint-Exupery and the Wisdom of the Sands".

It was in the Sahara, more precisely in the province of Tarfaya, that the writer, poet, aviator and French reporter found inspiration to write "Le Petit Prince", which with its Hassanie version realized in 2017 (300th language of translation), has become the most translated tale in the world. Thus during an hour and a half of debate, punctuated by an exhibition and a concert of the Moroccan singer Oum and the Hassanie music group Mnat Aichata, the authors Jean-Pierre Guéno, Frédéric Coconnier, Thomas Fraisse and Fouad Laroui discussed the duty of remembrance and paid tribute to the Hassanie heritage that inspired this major work of literature.

This initiative by the Phosboucraa Foundation is part of a long-term cultural program, which aims to use the Saharan adventure of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry to inspire a dynamic of animation and territorial development in the southern regions of Morocco.

Act4community: Collaborators committed to a common vision

An innovative concept has emerged within OCP Group: 23,000 committed employees, a diverse pool of skills and multidisciplinary know-how, serving the communities that live in and around the Group’s ecosystem! "The idea is to free any Group employee, for a period of one to four weeks, outside annual leave, so that they can get involved in their community by volunteering at associations, through training and coaching, or even in the field of entrepreneurship ". It was through this clear message, by OCP Group Chairman and CEO, Mostafa Terrab, that the vision of Community Service was enacted. To take shape, this innovative concept needed a wide consultation and a deep reflection, and from this idea, was to emerge a deployment plan based on an efficient and effective operating model. Since the announcement, a working group has been created around this initiative, bringing together some thirty employees who have quickly started a substantive work. The result of which was a working platform that required wide consultation and a constructive exchange involving the contribution of the many. To this end, the organization of the Community Service Workshop took place on September 11th and 12th, at the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University of Benguerir, bringing together more than 250 people, from all the Group's sites, in addition to experts and representatives from partner associations.

The aim of the workshop was to work together to make the vision a reality, to discuss and decide the best modus operandi to implement, and to identify concrete projects in which OCP Group employees could register to volunteer and give back to their respective communities.

Medical caravan in Oued Zem

From the 26 - 28 January, the OCP Foundation and the Khouribga industrial site organized a medical caravan for the city of Oued Zem and its region. The caravan program included surgical interventions at the provincial hospital Mohamed V, as well as medical consultations and a drug distribution operation in the rural communes of Legfaf and Bir mezoui. This initiative was supported by the Khouribga Ministry of Health Delegation (DMS), which mobilized surgeons from the Surgical Caravan Association, the operating rooms and post-op services at the Mohamed V Oued Zem Provincial Hospital. The DMS was also responsible for coordinating with local authorities, identifying and selecting patients who required surgery and helping to ensure post-operative follow-up.

The caravan in figures

General practitioners, medical specialists, anesthetists, pharmacists, nurses, administrators, technicians, a medical team that counted no less than 55 volunteers, were mobilized to the bedsides of the poorest in the region. In total, more than 1,400 consultations were given, and treatment provided, when necessary, 78 surgical procedures and 193 additional examinations were performed, including x-rays and ultrasounds. The team showed unwavering dedication throughout the surgical caravan, contributing greatly to its success. A success that also belongs to the Khouribga industrial site, which has established the necessary logistics (accommodation, catering ...) and supported the general coordination of the caravan with associations and local authorities, the Mohamed V Hospital staff and the DMS of Oued Zem and that of the local authorities.

OCP launches the “Cocoa Caravan” for the sustainable development of cocoa farming in collaboration with the Ivorian Coffee-Cocoa Board

OCP, The Ivorian Coffee-Cocoa Board and the OCP Foundation are organizing from the first to fifth of October 2015 in Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast the 1st edition of the "Cocoa Caravan ", in parallel with the second edition of the National Cocoa and Chocolate Days.

This caravan represents the first step in the Memorandum of Understanding signed between OCP and the Ivorian Coffee-Cocoa Board in June 2015 in Abidjan to support sustainable development of the coffee-cocoa sector. The Cocoa Caravan «addresses nearly 1200 cocoa farmers from 13 cocoa-producing regions. The participating Ivorian producers will benefit from training sessions, and cutting-edge technical and agronomic support. The "Cocoa Caravan" will promote the use of fertilizers adapted to the needs of the soil, and if applied in the right proportions and at the right time it will contribute to sustained growth in yields and incomes.

OCP, the Ivorian Coffee-Cocoa Board as well as their partners, intend to address the global issue of getting access to fertilizers, by addressing the fertilizer value chain as a whole. The intended outcome is to develop fertilizer formulas that are adapted to the soils and crops, and implement solutions that are appropriate to make fertilizers more accessible and affordable. The launch of this “Cocoa Caravan” is part of the cooperation between Morocco and the Ivory Coast and thus aims to create added value at the local and continental levels, accompanying the cocoa sector in order to enable it to reach its full potential.

Khouribga, the capital of phosphate, hosts the 18th edition of the Khouribga African Film Festival

As a historical partner of the Khouribga African Film Festival, OCP showed again its support to the African cultures by being a partner of the 18th edition of the Khouribga African Film Festival (12-19 September 2015).
Chaired by the producer, writer and French director Jacques Dorfmann, the jury of this edition selected 14 movies representing 13 countries: Morocco, Senegal, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Algeria, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, Mauritania and Egypt. Morocco was represented by the movie "The red scarf" by Mohammed Lyounsi and "The orchestra of the blind" Mohamed Mouftakir.
Organized by the Khouribga African Film Festival Foundation, this festival aims to be a crossroads for meeting and exchange between the various actors of the 7th art in Africa. This 18th edition paid tribute to Senegalese cinema and honored women in the African film industry; it opened with the screening of the movie “Le Mandat” by the Senegalese filmmaker Ousmane Sembène.
Mohamed Mouftakir won the Grand Prix Ousmane Sembène for his film "The orchestra of the blind."


Start of OCP’s Olives Caravan 2015

OCP Group and OCP Foundation launched on Monday, June 1, 2015 the 8th Agricultural Caravan, “OCP Olive Caravan 2015”, at Beni Amer in the region of Marrakesh-Tansift-El Haouz. The new edition of the OCP Agricultural Caravan will run until June 11th, 2015 and will include four regions known by their olive culture: Beni Amer (Marrakesh-Tansift-El Haouz), Ain Taoujtat (Meknes – Tafilelt), Taounate ( Taza-Taounate-El Hoceima), and Driouch (East).

The 2015 Olives Caravan is a continuation of the 2013 caravan that visited six national olive-growing areas. OCP Olive Caravan 2015 intends to target around 1500 olive producers. They will benefit from training sessions and from high technical and agronomic support. An exclusive training of eight field trials will be held the day after the completion of each stage. This caravan reflects as well the importance of the olive oil’s sector, which contributes around 5% of the national agricultural GDP. Covering an area of 784,000 hectares, the national Olive farms have a total production of about 1,500,000 tons of olives.

This new edition introduces a new pedagogic approach that allows farmers to take part in several activities and gain professional experience. Video conferences, illustrating workshops as well have been prepared for the event.

Khouribga Skills: 206 beneficiaries of “The Employability Training Course”

206 young khouribguis have joined the center Khouribga Skills as the second promotion of Employability study course. This course aims to support young people and train them to succeed in their professional projects, by strengthening their language and communication skills, in computer literacy, job search techniques and personal development.

In parallel, the enrolled young khouribgis of the "Employability Courses" are encourage to participate in various community work. For example, the first class of this program participated and accomplished a dozen initiatives in various areas including environment, education, renovating schools, recycling, health, sports and sociocultural activities. More than 160 members attended community work actions that benefited over a thousand people in the region.


OCP participates in the second Morocco-Gabon Forum for Business and Employment

OCP Group has participated in the second edition of the Morocco-Gabon Forum for Business and Employment that was held on from 16th to 18th of May in Rabat. The event has gathered ministers and CEOs from both countries, students and university graduates who came to discuss employment opportunities and open bilateral agreements following the visit of his Majesty the King Mohammed VI to Gabon in March 2014. Agro-industry and mining were the themes of honor in this 2nd edition.

The participation of OCP in Morocco-Gabon Forum for Business and Employment consolidates the vision and strategy of the Group for sustainable development of agriculture in Africa.

The OCP Foundation organizes for the second consecutive year a medical caravan to the province of El Kelaa Des Sraghna

OCP Foundation organizes, for the second consecutive year, a medical caravan through its program “Social Actions and empowerment of youth” in favor of children of the visited regions, in parallel with OCP’s Caravan.

The 2015’s first medical caravan has started on May the 16th allowed more than 600 students of Beni Amer and its surrounding areas to benefit from awareness sessions regarding oral hygiene (with distribution of hygiene kits) and (eye treatments) in the commune of Dechra (province of El Kelaa Des Sraghna).

It should be noted that health professionals conducted a diagnosis 15 days before the start of the caravan with the help and contribution of partner associations at the schools of each visited region. Oral kits and more than 74 glasses were handed to children following the preliminary diagnosis

Wishing to broaden the scope of the medical caravan and following the success of the previous editions, the OCP Foundation has reviewed the program and added several new things including building up a school library within the same school to encourage reading and access to books.

Other children events were also scheduled in parallel of the medical sessions: Kids’ makeup, balloon modeling, and an inflatable playground was set up to entertain children.

This national social action was supported by the Moroccan medical association for solidarity (for eye care), and by the association Operation Smile Morocco for oral hygiene. 

OCP supports Associational Network in Safi

Fully assuming its social responsibility in its ‘mining’ sites, OCP Group supports associations and local NGOs in the region of Safi.

OCP Foundation has held, on May 5, 2015 a Capacity-building program for 26 local associations under its program framework “Social Actions and empowerment of youth”. At the end of this program, a ceremony was organized and certificates were given to participant associations, with the presence of local officials.

It should be noted that OCP Foundation programs for associations are intended to:

  • Expand the associational and Non-Profit network.
  • Promote socio-cultural development  
  • Enhance youth employability
  • Promote income generating activities
  • Protect environment.


The ceremony was also the launch for the second campaign of associations’ capacity building. The deadline of applications submission is May 20th 2015.