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IMACID nurtures a boundless passion for performance - 18/09/2014

A joint-venture between our Group and the Indian Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals and Tata Chemicals industrial groups, IMACID is announcing the launch of the "IMACID SHARED PERFORMANCE AWARDS" day, designed to celebrate its industrial partners performing in the fields of health & safety, performance and innovation. Organized on 18 September 2014 in Jorf Lasfar, this event will be marked by the awarding of trophies to 3 of the 29 companies signatory to the IMACID HSE Commitment Charter, having subscribed to an environmentally-responsible industrial approach.   These awards aim at improving the performance and skills of IMACID in Health & Safety, performance and innovation, along with those of its industrial ecosystem.

OCP Group promotes « cinema for everyone » at the Festival of Khouribga - 21/06/2014

Partner of this film festival’s annual meeting since its first edition, OCP renews its support to the 17th edition of the African cinema festival, taking place in Khouribga from 14 to 21 June 2014.

This annual meeting has become the African cinema outstanding event. The festival, which pays tribute to the Ivory Coast’s cinema this year, aims to promote cultural exchange and dialogue between African cultures.
Willing to share art with the largest number of people, OCP is targeting the neighboring villages across Khouribga and bring screenings to the people of rural communities. For it, OCP adopted a new concept, called « Cinema for everyone », in partnership will all stakeholders of Khouribga town.

Inspired by the Group’s culture of sharing, the new concept “Cinema for everyone” is three-fold:

Open-air screenings: the festival brought for the first time open-air screenings of Moroccan and African movies to more than 6 000 people. In addition to this open air cinema experience, the festival included art workshops animated by local art & culture associations which were much appreciated by spectators.  

The Film Caravan:
while main festivities are to be in Khouribga town, village screenings were held in neighboring regions across Khouribga – Hettane, Boulanoir, Boujniba – bringing films to people from rural areas and share festivities.

Training workshops for young people held in Khouribga Skills’ Center
– Training relating to filmmaking: script writing, film editing, photography... More than 70 young people participated to the workshops animated by professionals of the film industry from different countries.

Local authorities, local economic operators, Foundation of the African Cinema festival, OCP Foundation, OCP’s Sustainable development division, Khouribga Skills’ Center, Social services of Khouribga OCP site, Youth Association … All of them contributed to make this year’s edition a success and share festivities.  

Celebrating International Women’s Day - 08/03/2014

Benguérir: On 8 March, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Rhamna Skills Centre Le centre organised a certificate-presentation ceremony for the 88 female members of the self-employment course. After the welcome speech, an artistic programme was organised for the benefit of guests.

Youssoufia: In the context of socio-cultural activities and on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the site’s Department of Social Affairs organised a conference led by Dr. Abderrahim El Atri. The conference theme was “Modern Women and Challenges”; it was held in the OCP function room, and it brought together a large number of spectators and young couples. During his speech, Dr. El Atri highlighted the important role played by Moroccan women in our society, as well as the difficulties that they face.

Khouribga:  On the occasion of International Women’s Day, over 300 women took part in the reception organised by the Site Management. During the ceremony, the Site Manager gave a speech that highlighted the important role played by women in our Group.

Athletics: On 9 March, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the OCBG Athletics Club, in partnership with the Benguérir Department of Social Affairs, organised the 2nd Rhamna Gazelle Race, for the benefit of the women and young girls of Benguérir. Over 1 000 women from various age groups covered a distance of 2.5 km. Trophies and gifts were awarded to the participants who came first, second, and third in each of the three participating categories.

Safi: start of work on the second phase of the road-building project in Ouled Selmane commune - 07/03/2014

In the context of its social responsibility and its contribution to opening up douars, the OCP Group has started work on the second phase of the road-building project in Ouled Selmane commune. The project was launched on 12 March 2014 in the presence of elected local officials, the Site Manager, and the sustainable-development team. The first phase covered the laying-out and planning of 9.7 km in Ouled Selmane commune. The plan for the second phase consists of laying out and planning 9.5 km of roads.

Jorf Lasfar: IMACID organises a morning to raise awareness amongst sub-contractors - 19/02/2014

On 19 February 2014, IMACID organised a communication and exchange morning for sub-contractors that will work on IMACID’s cold shut-down. Taking part were over 110 managers, including 70 sub-contractors representing 32 businesses, IMACID management, and the teams tasked with co-ordinating the various batches. The communication meeting enabled sub-contractors to be made aware of requirements, mainly in respect of safety, technical performances, and meeting deadlines. On that occasion, IMACID announced the launch of three trophies for business that lead the field in terms of hygiene and safety, performance, and innovation. All the businesses welcomed the initiative, and confirmed their commitment by signing the HSE Charter put forward by IMACID as a pre-requisite for taking part in the competition. Criteria for assessment and for organising the corresponding campaign were immediately presented to participants. IMACID wishes to use the initiative to attain the three following objectives: 0 incidents; 100% rate of work completion; and 0 hours delay with respect to deadlines.


Safi: 2013 competition for the best report - 17/02/2014

In the context of the 2013 competition for the best report, organised by the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training, and under the High Patronage of HRH Princess Lalla Hasna, a visit by 6 young reporters from Al Abtal lycée, accompanied by their supervising teacher, was organised on the site on 7 February last. The Site Sustainable-Development Team welcomed and supported the young people in putting together their report on the topic: “The contribution of new ICTs to environmental; protection and sustainable development”, after a joint preparation session with the Development Directorate and the Corporate-Communication Directorate.


Benguérir: Cycling Grand Prix - 17/02/2014

On 19 January, the Royal Moroccan Cycling Federation, in collaboration with the OCBG Club Cycling Section, organised the Benguérir Grand Prix at the OCP housing sector. The event was held along a closed loop and in two parts: the first was over 40 km, and was reserved for juniors and young people; the second was over 80 km, and was reserved for elite cyclists and those aged under 23. In all, 128 athletes from 27 teams took part in the Grand Prix event in the presence of elected local officials, members of the Federation, and the Chairperson of the OCBG Cycling Club. Media coverage was provided by two television channels, RTM and Arriadia.

Benguérir: Rhamna Skills Centre launches the second edition of the capacity-boosting programme for associations in Rhamna Province - 04/02/2014

On 25 January last, Rhamna Skills Centre launched the second edition of the capacity-boosting programme for associations in Rhamna Province. 27 associations representing 10 communes in the province were selected from 70 candidates. The event was attended by a representative of the Sustainable-Development Directorate, the Amideast manager, and the manager of the training partner Tanmia.ma, who welcomed 52 people mandated by the associations chosen. A presentation of the results of the first edition was followed by the programme of the second edition, then came two workshops on defining needs and determining obligations.

Jorf Lasfar: Organising a wheelchair operation - 04/02/2014

On Wednesday 22 January, in collaboration with the Attadamoun Association for the Disabled as well as associations from neighbouring rural communes, the site organised an operation to distribute 36 wheelchairs and 25 hearing aids for people with specific needs in El Jadida Urban Commune as well as Moulay Abdellah, Ouled Hcine, and Sidi Abed rural communes. The operation took place in the presence of OCP managers and members of the volunteer fabric.

Youssoufia: Youssoufia Skills Centres organises the second youth initiative - 04/02/2014

On Tuesday 21 January, Youssoufia Skills Centre organised the second “youth initiative” based on the theme: “The Young People of Youssoufia and Entrepreneurship". A large audience of 150 people, students and invited guests, attended the afternoon debate and took part in existing initiatives in Youssoufia Province that foster and encourage entrepreneurship. The presence of representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, the ISTA (Institut Spécialisé de Technologie Appliquée – Specialist Applied-Technology Institute), and the Youssoufia Skills Centre, as well as the broadcasting of several reports and videos made the session rich in terms of learning, debate, and sharing.