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In 2010 OCP and the Plan Maroc Vert (Green Morocco Plan) partnered to launch a programme to employ more efficient fertilization practices in Morocco. The programme budget stands at MAD 30 million.

Assessing soil fertility

The flagship Carte de Fertilité Nationale (Nationality Fertility Map) project is a groundbreaking programme by OCP to agricultural development. Assessing soil fertility and fertilization needs allows farmers to use fertilizer more effectively, therefore bringing about higher crop yieldsfertilizer and saving them money. In 2013, fertility maps were been extended to all arable land in Morocco: an area of 8.7 million hectares. The full cartography of the pilot region, Meknès Province, was presented at the Meknès International Agricultural Exhibition in April 2010. The overall investment in the project stands at MAD 63 million.



 OCP Caravans: close by and user-friendly

Since 2012, in support of the development of the national agriculture market, OCP has been leading the “Plan Maroc Vert”, by organizing “the OCP Caravan” in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Sea-Fishing, leading fertilizer distributors, and the OCP Foundation.

The OCP Caravan is a public-private partnership. It serves as an outreach tool and raises awareness amongst small farmers across Morocco. The OCP Caravan also provides an opportunity for the various partnerships involved to share their experience and expertise with one another.

With the OCP Caravan, farmers have the opportunity to learn more about how to adopt high-performance agricultural techniques, as well as the intelligent use of fertilizer and crop nutrition. In addition, they benefit from services provided by the mobile soil-analysis laboratory, and gain a better understanding of the use of the “Fertility Map”.

In 2013, three editions of the OCP Caravan traversed Morocco and worked with farmers growing various types of crops including olive trees, fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes.

Promoting entrepreneurship and agricultural innovation

In 2010, OCP set up the “OCP Innovation Fund for Agriculture”, an investment fund dedicated to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the agriculture and agro-industry sectors.

The investment fund has an initial budget of MMAD 200. The fund is open to all holders of innovative projects that enable the emergence of structures that are long-lasting and competitive, and that yield a real potential to create sustainable jobs in Morocco.

The OCP Fund for Agriculture is committed to sustainable development, and the need to provide support at various levels. Accordingly, the OCP Innovation Fund for Agriculture offers a wide array of incubator services, including consultation from experts, in order to promote and support the development of selected projects. This ongoing support is fully sponsored and financed by OCP.