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Water Program: A major Water Program for an environmentally responsible industry



As part of its development policy, OCP launched a new industrial processing strategy in 2008. Mobilizing $21 billion in investments, the objective is to double mining capacity and triple processing capacity by 2028. In this way, OCP contributes to international food security by providing farmers with quality phosphate products in order to help them increase their yields and income while raising their awareness on agricultural best practices that respect the environment. These increased capacities will naturally be followed by growing water needs. For this reason, OCP has made the conservation of water resources a top priority, the main issue being to improve water use efficiency while also meeting the current and future needs of mining and company facilities. Increasing from 62 million cubic meters in 2010, these needs will ultimately surpass 160 million cubic meters per year.

Moreover, thanks to the implementation of the Water program, more than 60% of company water needs will be satisfied over time by unconventional water sources (treated wastewater and desalinated seawater).