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Education, Learning and Training

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Institut de Promotion Socio-Educative

L’Institut de Promotion Socio-Educative (IPSE) is a non-profit association. The purpose of the Institute is to provide education services shaped by the Ministry of National Education’s programs. The Institute offers a unique education experience and promotes learning across various areas including science, art, and language.


At a glance

  • Founded in 1974 ;
  • 15 (*) school of education;
  • 9600 (*) students by 2014.

(*) Covering the preschool, primary school and junior high-school


  • Ensure literacy and education primarily in favor of OCP’s employees;
  • Provide high-level education services from preschool to junior high-school in OCP’s areas of business


  • 1920: Creation of the first OCP schools by the French Cultural Mission system
  • 1974: Creation of L’Institut de Promotion Socio-Educative (IPSE) by OCP Group;
  • 2009: Launch of additional programs and the development of accommodation facilities
  • 2011: Introduction of new educational services and delegated management contracts 

The School

 IPSE’s preschool and primary educational schools  promote an open environment and an innovative approach to education. To meet the needs of pre-school, primary and high-school education, IPSE has expanded its school base from 6 educational institutions in 2010 to 15 by 2012.
IPSE will dispose of 20 schools in 2015.

Educational and strategic program

At the educational level, these initiatives are as follows:

  • Define the scope of the educational program, as well as the concrete actions that the educational team will implement jointly with IPSE’s stakeholders;
  • Upgrade programs and the organization of school periods ;
  • Implement a systematic organizational design combined with matching procedures and an information system;
  • Empower students by introducing Information and Communication Technologies for Education, English learning and the promotion of reading, scientific and cultural activities ;
  • Upgrade the educational and technical training of the educational staff ;
  • Set up of a support system aimed for children with educational difficulties ;

Make educational texts and equipment available for instructive requirements


Download IPSE Presentation


Mohammed VI Polytechnic University

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University was built in Benguerir Green City, one of the OCP Group’s main phosphate-extraction sites. Mohammed VI Polytechnic University re-invests the wealth of Morocco’s soil in education, training, and research.

The choice matches the OCP Group’s responsibility towards building, in Morocco, a knowledge economy and a knowledge society that are up to the task of creating greater wealth and welfare. That investment consolidates the OCP Group as a worldwide business, a pioneer industrial leader in innovation, and a stakeholder in the country’s development.

The mission of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is to become a reference institution in training and research, and to that end, to build links with leading knowledge centres at international level, whilst carrying out an innovative and specifically Moroccan experiment.


Mohammed VI Polytechnic University offers high-quality university training in engineering, as well as in the economic, political, and social sciences, across all university cycles.

The University is made up of a Faculty of Engineering, an engineering school: the School of Industrial Management (EMINES), and a Faculty of Governance, Economic Science, and Social Science.

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University aims at having 6 000 registered students in 2023.

EMINES began its integrated preparatory cycle in 2013; the faculties will begin their integrated preparatory cycle in September 2014.

Research at the heart of the project

The research policy of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is based around two main strands that give rise to knowledge that is important for the country’s economic and social development:

  • Industrial processes, in particular innovative industrial processes, that lie at the heart of manufacturing added value
  • Human societies as well as social and political developments, which are decisive for understanding complex social environments, the impact of the country’s economic, political, and social transformations, the new requirements of members of the public, and their relevance for public authorities.

In higher cycles of studies, the students of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University are privileged to benefit from research-based training that allows them to be in contact with study and research plans, and to be trained in new practices and knowledge that will give them profiles that are sought after, making them people who generate change and disseminate knowledge.

Academic chairs, the gateways between training and research, will be set up around lecturers of international renown in priority subjects for Morocco’s economy and society.

Skills Centers represent OCP’s commitment to its neighbors, in particular to the young people of the sites where it is present. Skills Centers were designed in 2012 to act as local platforms that bring together a range of initiatives including supporting and promoting skills, talents, and abilities amongst young people.

Skills Centers are intended for the OCP Group’s young neighbors and for the children of retired OCP Group staff; they are focal points for personal development, learning, and fulfilment, as well as for promoting entrepreneurship and a sense of civic commitment. Skills Centers aim to boost student’s skills and fulfilment by offering a range of programs, such as counselling, guidance, communication, “Soft Skills”, programs including language, music, arts, entrepreneurship, and leadership and teambuilding.

Three Skills Centers are currently operational: Youssoufia Skills, Rhamna Skills, and Laâyoune Skills. Two Skills Centers, Safi Skills and Khouribga Skills, will open their doors in 2014. Each Skills Centre can accommodate between 800 and 1,000 members.

At Youssoufia Skills, 28 projects have benefited from support for business creation, while 28 associations have been selected to receive technical support.

At Laâyoune Skills, 77 associations have been selected to benefit from the skills-boosting program.
The overall offer from Skills Centers.


Fertilizing our Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

OCP Entrepreneurship strives to stimulate economic development and job creation opportunities through 4 programs targeted towards small-businesses and entrepreneurs. Programs include:

  • Entrepreneurial Development: Information, Education, Technical Assistance and Training
  • Access to Capital
  • Access to Markets & Contracting
  • Advocacy

Focusing on Long Term Success and Impact

Entrepreneurs’ success is key to sustainable economic development. We designed a program whose impact is measured not only through the viability of the businesses we help start and grow but also the sustainable value added and jobs created.

Working with Partners

Our ambition is help strengthen the existing entrepreneurship ecosystem through the design and promotion of pathways where entrepreneurs of all types can find assistance at any stage of their development.

To achieve such a goal, we are joining hands with diverse local, national and international partners. Including:

  • Partnership with Startup Morocco on a 2014 year tour of 12 StartUp Weekends in different cities throughout the Kingdom: Agadir, Benguerir, Casablanca, El Jadida, Fès, Khouribga, Laayoune, Marrakech, Oujda, Rabat, Safi
  • Funding of 21 insecured loans in Khouribga, El Jadida and Benguerir through Réseau Entreprendre Maroc who will also carry out a 3-year mentoring program for the entrepreneurs

Co-host of the 2014 MIT Global Startup Workshop in Marrakesh: GSW has been held on six continents, reached participants from over 70 nations, and grown to become the premier workshop for fostering global entrepreneurship. This year, 65 scholarships will be offered to African entrepreneurs to attend the event for free.