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Aware of the responsibilities that come with its role as an international leader in the phosphate industry, OCP aims to achieve a two-fold ambition: meeting the needs of global agriculture and ensuring the protection of the environment.

OCP recognizes that sustainable development offers new opportunities to the phosphate industry. As a result, the Company chooses to address social, environmental and economic issues at every level of the company.

The company’s investments in eco-design enhance its competitiveness as it enables, among other things, water and energy savings, aids recycle efforts, and upgrades waste disposal practices in an environmentally responsible way.

OCP’s voluntary enrollment in environmental programs is intended to reinforce the observance of the highest international standards and demonstrates its commitment to sustainable development.

Thus, OCP is the first Moroccan company to join the national program for safe PCB management and disposal (PolyChlorinated Biphenyls).
Furthermore, OCP has developed an innovative approach for the integrated management of its water needs and implemented a major water program focusing on three main lines of action:

  • Optimal use of water resources throughout the entire value chain;
  • Elimination of groundwater extraction and geographic reallocation of surface water resources;
  • Mobilization of non-conventional water resources through the building of wastewater purification plants and new desalination units.