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Carbon Footprint

The control of atmospheric emissions occupies a central position in improving the Group’s industrial performance.

In 2013, every drying oven at OCP’s mining sites were fitted with filters specifically for holding back dust. That investment enables OCP to control all dust emissions from phosphate-treatment installations.

Moreover, all of OCP’s production units are being fitted with online analyzers that are able to measure several gases (dust, sulphur dioxide, ammonia, fluorine, etc).

In sulphuric production units, a gas-treatment system has been installed with the aim of reducing emissions. That system required an investment of about 12 million dirhams and ensures complete compliance with current regulations concerning hydrogen sulphide gases.
In addition, a solution to forecast the dispersal of atmospheric emissions from fixed sources (chimneys) is currently being finalized. That solution will enable gas dispersal to be predicted. Furthermore, those sulphuric-production units are fitted with a heat-recovery system that enables OCP to avoid over 300, 000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. The estimated cost of that investment is 280 million dirhams. The pipeline will also give the Group a reduction in CO2 emissions of 900, 000 tonnes per year, i.e. almost 20% of the average carbon intensity linked to phosphate activity in Morocco.
Finally, OCP’s chemical installations have successfully tested an innovative procedure that complements the existing Double-Absorption technology. This procedure enables a 90% reduction in sulphur dioxide emissions from conventional installations. The gas recovered will be converted into useful products, such as sulphuric acid.