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The “Energy” strategy reduces energy consumption and promotes the use of renewable energy
OCP electricity produced by the Chemical Industry

The Jorf Lasfar and Safi sites will reach a positive energy balance due to the captured energy generated by sulfuric acid production exothermic processes.

Renewable energy for green urban centers

The use of renewable energy is being implemented in the green urban center projects of Mohammed VI Green City and Green Mine. The energy savings will be realized through solar and wind power, insulation systems, smart grid and electric meters and the use of energy efficient lighting.

Reduction of 900,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually through the Khouribga-Jorf Lasfar pipeline

Transporting phosphates by pipeline instead of train will result in a US$ 6 -7 per ton decrease in transportation cost, as well as a reduction of CO2 emissions by approximately 900,000 tons annually (more than 20% of Morocco’s carbon footprint).

The “Solar Needs Assessment” for harnessing solar power :
OCP Group is mobilized around an ambitious energy efficiency policy based on renewable energy, particularly solar. It plans to produce a “Solar Needs Assessment” intended to evaluate the different available technologies, their costs and adaptability to local conditions and needs.