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P Efficiency

Efficiency in our mining and chemical processes is a key component of our strategy.

From 2006 to 2010, OCP increased its mining and industrial efficiency  (without incremental capex) and was able to significantly increase downstream production (Acid + 22%, fertilizer + 49%) with stable rock production (27Mt);

The new slurry pipeline (2013) we are building between Khouribga and Jorf will dramatically reduce  phosphate waste along the value chain (less handling by trucks and conveyer belts inside the mine, no drying required, no train transportation: we estimate a volume saving of at least 3%). To put this in perspective, the 3% volume savings will represent around 700KT per year which is equitable to the current production of Togo.

The adaptation and upgrading of the existing phosphoric acid units in the Jorf platform will translate into high recovery of the P2O5 (estimates at 3-4%) for the 2 MT P2O5 of MP, that amounts to 60KT of MGA or ≈ 120KT of DAP equivalent;
The increase of the beneficiation capacity will allow OCP to recover lower-grade layers which were not economically viable in the past.