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Waste Management

Ecologically-responsible waste management is one of the OCP Group’s priority areas of sustainable development. For successful implementation, the Group has partnered with various industry leaders as a means to recover, recycle, re-use, and eliminate waste in compliance with current regulations and under the strictest conditions of safety. Rational waste-management operations as initiated by OCP have the common element of ensuring the traceability of the complete process and of making OCP a pioneering business in efforts at the national level.

OCP’s waste-management strategy covers the following areas:

  • reduce waste
  • set up dedicated, danger-free areas for storing and eliminating industrial waste
  • remove waste via solid partnerships with businesses that specialise in re-using waste
  • develop innovative methods for re-using waste

This year, some 150 000 tonnes of pyrrhotine ash and over 1 700 tonnes of industrial waste are being destocked to be re-used as replacements for fuel oil or for certain mineral additives. Over 50 tonnes of paper will be recycled. Moreover, the first national operation to eliminate PCB facilities has taken place; it involves 53 tonnes of materials and 17 tonnes of contaminated oil. OCP has distinguished itself as the first Moroccan business to follow the UNDP programme for PCB elimination in Morocco. In addition, methods are currently being tested to re-use phospho-gypsum. Two of the most promising methods are using that by-product in road-building (backfill) and in agriculture (soil amendment). The sludge from washing phosphates is rich in mineral elements and has also been tested as an additive in certain agricultural applications.

Finally, OCP continues its collaboration with the Moroccan association Al Jisr in the context of the GreenChip project, which allows Moroccan schools and colleges to be equipped with IT equipment provided by businesses. This initiative demonstrates the common ground between social and environmental responsibility. An operation to recycle used printer cartridges has also been carried out, thus adding to the responsible management of IT-related waste.