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Green Cities

  • Mohammed VI Green City
  • Mazagan Urban Pole
  • Green Mine Khouribga City
  • Foum El Oued Technopole


On Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility

The Mohammed VI Green City is in line with LEED ND international environmental standards.

The Green City sets the example on both an environmental level as well as a societal level.

    This new city will be built in harmony with its natural ecosystem and in a way that will remain respectful of the environment.
    Solar panels, energy saving HVAC equipment, water recycling centers, double circuit:
    drinking/gray water, storage and treatment of rainwater, wastewater reuse.
    Waste sorting, reuse and recycling, optimization of urban transportation, fully equipped neighborhoods.

  • CONCEPT : Construction and development of a new town project oriented towards education, innovation, environment and sustainable development 
  • LOCATION : Near to the city of Benguerir
  • AREA : 1 000 ha
  • TARGET POPULATION : 100 000 inhabitants

A world-class city university ... geared towards sustainable development



Launched in 2009 by His Majesty the King Mohammed VI under OCP’s large-scale strategic projects, Mohammed VI Green City is a future world-class university center offering an exceptional way of life in an ecosystem of knowledge.


Mohammed VI Green City is a new city positioned for both local and national impact.

Locally, due to the size and nature of this city, the investment and long-term vision, as well as the planned attractions and facilities, it promises urban, economic, and social development.

The Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, which is at the heart of this new Green city, will play a major role in the national industrial emergence initiative due to its educational programs and contribution to research and development.

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University

As flagship of this new city, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University was designed to foster 3 major components:

  • Support education,
  • R&D,
  • Business incubators,

aiming to promote economic development and added value, linked to R&D.

The first stage of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University consisted of EMINES (School of Industrial Management) in partnership with MINES Paris Tech Graduate School. EMINES opened its doors in October 2013, aiming to host up to 650 engineering, executive education, and PhD students.

The second stage is currently under construction and will host research centers and R&D laboratories in the mining industry. The opening is planned for 2014.

The following stages will focus on creating multiple partnerships with world-class institutions, universities and R&D centers.


Near the OCP site and the city of Benguerir, the Green City is located within 30 minutes from Marrakech and 90 minutes from Casablanca. The project is ideally located near from multiple transportation facilities :

  • Proximity to the highway Casablanca/Marrakech and the motorway Safi/Beni Mellal.
  • Double railway line linking Casablanca to Marrakech.
  • Less than one hour’s drive from two major international airports, Casablanca and Marrakech.


1 000 hectares covering:

  • Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (opening of the first branch, EMINES, School of Industrial Management: October 2013).
  • School of Excellence (opening in September 2015).
  • Student residences (opening in October 2013).
  • Industrial training center (opening in January 2014).
  • 25 000 housing units.
  • 200 hectares of public green spaces.
  • Sports and entertainment facilities.
  • Public and private hospital.
  • Proximity amenities.
  • Tourism facilities.
  • Collective utilities.
  • Culture club and theater. 


On Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility

This pole should stand as a model for sustainable urban development in the region and the country seeking to achieve sustainable economic and social development, by providing a pleasant living environment and attractive working conditions coupled with an environment-friendly development.

This project is based on several assets :

  • A prime location ( inter urban and easily accessible).
  • Enhanced industry (second industrial pole in Morocco / Port Jorf Lasfar open to international trade since 1982).
  • An educational potential through the University Chouaib Doukkali as an urban and economic catalyst.
  • A rich and attractive touristic offer. Holding a great promise in terms of impact on the economy of the region, this pole will enhance the province’s attractiveness internationally, encourage and ensure the social and professional diversity, and strenghten the cultural identity of the region.

  • CONCEPT : Development of a modern city, geared towards advanced innovation and research oriented businesses
  • PARTNERES : Domaines Privés de l’Etat (DPE) & the Province of El Jadida
  • LOCATION : between El Jadida and Azemmour
  • AREA : 1 300 ha
  • INVESTMENT : 5 Billion MAD
  • TARGET POPULATION : 130 000 inhabitants ( by 2030 )
  • STATUS : Acquisition / transfer of land and studies : 2013/2014
    • 1st phase of the project : 2014-2020
    • 2nd phase of the project : 2020-2025
    • 3rd phase of the project : 2025-2030

... A real city at the confluence of knowledge and innovation.

This innovative and integrated project of development and management of a town center meets twin objective :
improving business climate by mobilizing local stakeholders around an integrated sustainable development project on the one hand and extending the dynamics of OCP Group in the upgrading of its sites on the other hand.


As part of the new development strategy of urban centers, designed by the Ministry of Housing, Urban Planning and Urban Policy. The project of Mazagan Urban Pole (PUMA), located near the city of El Jadida, aims through its various components to back up the development of the region.


As part of a common regional development policy, the ‘Domaines Privés’ of the State and OCP Group have taken up this project in order to :

  • Support economic and social development of Greater El Jadida to upgrade national and international visibility.
  • Support the dynamics of Jorf Lasfar industrial platform, especially Jorf Phosphate Hub project which aims to develop world’s most important platform for phosphate beneficiation.
  • Seek a position of an innovative urban center ( integrated city of 1300 ha), with high quality infrastructure in the following areas: R & D and higher education, touristic and cultural facilities and housing ( attractive residential components ).


The town center of Mazagan is located about 90 km south of Casablanca. Located along the Atlantic coast, it provides the urban junction between the cities of Casablanca and Azemmour in the north and the city of El Jadida in the south.

  • Proximity to the motorway and trunk road
  • Close to the railway system and port of Jorf Lasfar
  • Proximity to the city of Casablanca and its international airport.


1 300 hectares distributed as follows :

  • Components : 819 ha.
  • Forest and green spaces : 294 ha.
  • Strategic Reserve : 186 ha.
    • A research, development and innovation area, particularly in the sectors of chemistry, biochemistry and agribusiness.
    • An academic and training center.
    • A business incubator.
    • Tourist and cultural facilities ( convention center, exhibition center, handicraft village, ... ).
    • An area for tertiary activities.
    • A residential area : quality housing, attractive and responsive to the needs of the target population (130 000 by 2030 ).


On Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility

Khouribga Green Mine is part of a design completely oriented towards sustainable development in terms of :

    CO² emissions free area, green transport, waste sorting.
    Master Environmental Plan, ecosystem conservation, optimization of locations of buildings for maximum natural ventilation.
  • ENERGY :
     Solar power, wind power, optimized insulation of buildings to reduce HVAC, lighting with energy-saving lamps.
  • WATER :
    Wastewater recycling, optimized irrigation (drip) and semi-arid golf courses.

  • CONCEPT : Development of an urban project for the transformation of abandoned mine sites into a new ecological city
  • LOCATION : Khouribga
  • AREA : 300 ha
  • INVESTMENT : 700 Million MAD

...A new urban set to enhance Khouribga City

A real green city in the region of Khouribga, designed to improve the urban and architectural qualities while respecting the environment and offering an exceptional way of life.


This innovative urban development project, installed in place of old mining facilities, is part of OCP’s desire to build an urban project in the region of Khouribga founded on environment friendly principles and the improvement of the urban and architectural quality of the city, offering to the Region of Khouribga an exceptional place to live.


In this regard, the Green Mine seeks to :

  • Build and develop a new urban center, oriented towards integrating, expanding and enhancing Khouribga City.
  • Move from an industrial mining-based mindset to an urban mindset by creating new centers, green lungs and recreation areas, new areas of mixed housing, enhancing the image of the city.
  • Develop the urban environment-friendly model geared towards sustainable development, urban and architectural quality, and diversity (social mix, infrastructure, integration of green spaces, etc.).


The Green City is located in Khouribga, in the site of old mining facilities. The compound is not far from the motorway linking Casablanca to Marrakech.

  • Proximity to the national main road
  • Railway.


300 hectares made up of :

  • Green Mine Park : offering a covered edutainment equipment on paleontology, open-air recreation area ( e.g swimming, slides, carting ) and a large garden all along the site.
  • Business center : business services available through local merchants, office space, underground parking.
  • Equipment for the public : namely a Multiplex and a media library project.
  • Hotel components : Hotels, a resort.
  • Real estate components : Quality housing, low-cost housing, villas.
  • Training Centre : geared towards recruitment/ongoing professional development, and project support.


On Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility

In this high potential region, Foum El Oued technopole will promote a new socioeconomic vitality.

This will improve the quality of life in the region, while stimulating local arts, culture and tourism.

This project is based on several assets :

  • Proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the Canary Islands and Subsaharian Africa.
  • Major markets related to fishing and mining industries.
  • Young, available for employment population

  • CONCEPT : Development of a technopole dedicated to Innovation and R&D in the Great South
  • LOCATION : town of Foum El Oued, close to Laâyoune
  • AREA : 126 ha
  • INVESTMENT : ~1 billion MAD
  • TARGET POPULATION : 12 000 inhabitants
  • JOBS CREATED : ~3 000
  • STATUS : Studies underwayd


... A platform for innovation and R & D.

In a responsible development-geared approach, this technopole project meets the objective of contributing to the economic and social development of a very promising region and takes part in OCP’s program of actions and investments to support local communities in the sites of its facilities.


As part of the Southern territorial development program, Foum El Oued technopole project will support the economic emergence of the city of Laâyoune and its region, and foster its international openness. It will create a sustainable development model aiming to :

  • Optimize the economic and social development of the region.
  • Promote investment and job creation.
  • Provide a platform for innovation and R&D.
  • Create synergy with local, national and global partners


This technopole project is located within the commune of Foum El Oued, 18 kms from Laâyoune along the Atlantic coast. Its situation enjoys many facilities :

  • Road access through 2 ways
  • Proximity to Laâyoune’s port and airport - 15 kms from OCP Phosboucraâ site.


126 hectares distributed as follows :

  • R & D and Innovation cluster
  • Academic and Higher Education cluster
  • Modern, cultural and tourism attraction cluster
  • Business services cluster
  • National Fisheries Technology cluster
  • Residential area