Our vision for a sustainable future

Helping Morocco thrive

Supporting Africa

Nourishing the world


Our sustainable future

At OCP, we’re responsible for the world’s largest phosphate reserves, and everything we do feeds sustainable growth and brings phosphorus to life. It begins with the right minerals. From there come thriving crops. Stronger communities. Better business. And more food for the growing global population.


Our work in Morocco

Share skills. Back new ideas. Celebrate culture. As Morocco’s largest employer, and a major investor in education and innovation, we’re here to help Morocco realize its full potential.


Our support for Africa

Our continent is home to 60% of the world’s arable land, which makes it central to feeding a growing global population. This is why we’re supporting farmers across Africa with skills, innovation and education.


Our focus on the world

One group. Five continents. OCP works around the world to improve plant nutrition; from local product teams helping respond to specific challenges to research partnerships with top institutions in agri-tech and bioscience.


Our inspiration for the future

Strategy. Action. Impact. Progress. Discover the world of OCP, our deep connection to plant nutrition, and how we’re creating sustainable growth for everyone.

OCP in action
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