OCP Group participates in the 21st edition of the Dawajine Poultry Fair

Le Groupe OCP participe à la 21ème édition du Salon avicole Dawajine

More than 12,000 national and international visitors are expected at the Dawajine Poultry Fair held December 3 to 6 in Casablanca, under the theme "Poultry farming, a lever for food security in Africa".

OCP Group, committed to the modernization and development of the Moroccan poultry industry, will be active in full force at the event. Indeed, for this strategic sector, the Group has developed "Phospheed", a nutritional supplement enriched with phosphorous and calcium intended for animal feed (livestock, poultry, etc.) which has been on the market since 2012. "Phosfeed" includes nutrients that strengthen the structure of animal bones and accelerate their growth.

Through the development of this product line, the Group's commitment extends beyond its borders. 10% of its Phosfeed production is sufficient to meet the needs of the national market. The rest is destined for export to Europe, Africa, Latin America (Brazil), North America (United States) and Asia. The first export of this product was shipped in May 2013 to Portugal.

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