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Global reach, local understanding.

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A farmer centric approach to contribute

to Africa's sustainable growth


Committed to a global sustainable development


Innovation for a customized

and nutrient-rich fertilizer portfolio



World leader in the phosphate industry

Nearly 1 century

of history and expertise
in close partnership with farmers, international clients and stakeholders


world producer and exporter
of phosphate in all its forms with 31% of global market share and a major player of the fertilizer market

54 billion MAD

up 15% in 2018, with a solid performance in all segments

21 000

committed to serve sustainable agriculture
More than

50 000

benefiting from OCP support and expert services during the agricultural caravans through 6 African countries with more than 31 000 farmers reached in Morocco
More than

350 000

of community engagement programs, co-constructed with local and international partners
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