Supporting our nation in the fight against COVID-19

Our commitment to the country

As custodian of one of the main mineral resources of the country, with a strong connection to our people and history, it goes without saying that we are committed to supporting Morocco through these unprecedented times. In addition to the Group’s support for key sectors such as health, education and the economy, our employees have been pooling their skills and ideas to help those in need. Through their actions, they’ve shown that we are closer than ever to our communities, despite the physical distance between us.

Strengthening our public health system

To help combat the spread of the virus, various OCP Group sites have collaborated with Act4Community teams to offer their assistance to public health services. They’ve provided medical and protective equipment, ambulances and consumables in Khouribga and the surrounding areas, as well as Safi, Laayoune, Youssoufia and Casablanca. Volunteers have also assisted in fitting out some of the non-functional services of provincial hospitals in Boujaad, Oued Zem, Benguerir, El Jadida and Casablanca to improve their capacity to treat and isolate cases.

Providing students with continuous education

To enable those in school and college to continue their studies throughout the coronavirus crisis, OCP has made a range of educational resources available to the national education sector. This includes human, technical and material support from institutions such as the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, the 1337 and Youcode schools, the OCP and Phosboucraa Foundations, the Lycée d'Excellence de Benguerir and various IPSEs (schools for our employees’ children).

Our ambition is to help the regional education and training academies (AREF) produce and disseminate 2,000 learning modules as part of the Ministry of National Education’s educational continuity plan.

Nous soutenons la continuité pédagogique

Contributing to the national COVID-19 fund

As part of the national effort to mitigate the impact of this novel coronavirus, OCP has made a financial contribution of 3 MMDH (close to $300M)to the special fund dedicated to managing the pandemic, introduced under the direction of HM King Mohammed VI.

As a Group, we have also reached out to our 21,000 employees, giving them the opportunity to donate to support our nation in our joint fight against COVID-19.

In response to the call for contributions, OCP Group executives have offered to dedicate a month's salary towards the cause.

Contribution financière de l'entreprise

Supporting our local communities

Our Act4Community volunteers, supervised by OCP Group doctors and in collaboration with the local authorities, are working hard to help the most vulnerable populations stay protected from COVID-19. They are offering assistance and advice to those who live in the cities near settlement sites, as well as the surrounding villages and outlying districts. A large part of the job involves going into neighbourhoods, health centers, markets and other busy areas to raise awareness of the precautions that can be taken to minimize the risk of infection.

Act4Community has also carried out food distribution campaigns for isolated populations and local associations. To support local economies, they’re helping cooperatives to digitize their communication and adapt their structures.

Helping local partners protect their staff

OCP Group is mobilized to respect its engagements towards suppliers since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to limit its economic impact on the ecosystem. In fact, a set of measures and procedures was set up allowing us to honor our payment obligations without discontinuity.

We pay particular attention to SMEs impacted by COVID, through the implementation of an Ecosystem Taskforce in charge of following and monitoring the suppliers invoice payments.

This way, despite the logistic constraints imposed by the actual situation, OCP Group is in a position to guaranty the same rhythm of invoice processing, thanks to the digitalization of its processes and suppliers payment procedures.

As part of the prevention mechanism set up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, OCP Group has also entirely digitalized the invoice deposit, to protect its suppliers and limit their moves to processing centers.

In this regard, the following email addresses were made available to our suppliers for the processing of invoice receipts:

  • [email protected](For invoices intended for the Centre d’Excellence Comptable OCP Casablanca)
  • [email protected] (For invoices intented for the Centre d’Excellence Comptable OCP Jorf Lasfar

In order to guaranty an optimal processing of invoices, under optimum deadline and conditions, the Group’s suppliers are requested to respect the following instructions:

  • Each invoice must be complemented in the same email by related supporting documents: receipt ticket, attachments, deposit, etc.

Sent documents must be readable, printable, with the least imperfections.

Soutien à nos partenaires locaux

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