Innovation at the heart of OCP’s transformation

Because using the right fertilizer rate, in the right place, at the right time is one of the most effective methods for significantly increasing yields, OCP Group places innovation at the heart of its initiatives to research and develop tailored, high-performance fertilizers that promote balanced soil fertilization.

Fertilizers will play an essential role in meeting global food security challenges. This is why OCP, using its role as a phosphate industry leader and major stakeholder in the fertilizer sector, ramped up its product diversification and now exports no less than 43 different formulas to meet the specific needs of different soils and crops. 

The Group also wants to advance research in this field, establish partnerships, train specialists, and provide innovative solutions to both global problems and the challenges facing the African continent (food security, economic development, sustainable industrialization, public policy, etc.). Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is at the heart of this quest for innovative solutions and plays a vital role in the field of research. The institution is a hub for high-level research, training, and innovation, and also aims to be a bridge between Morocco, Africa, and the world. 

Innovation and responsiveness are important factors for success in an increasingly competitive industry. In this context, the role of R&D is essential: it makes it possible to make connections to accelerate progress.  

At OCP, R&D serves to digitalize the value chain, whether at the product development or manufacturing levels, in order to reduce the time it takes to get products to market. When used as early as the design phase and coupled with other digital opportunities (simulation, virtual and augmented reality, etc.), levers like the Internet of Things (IoT) accelerate the prototyping and testing phases, for example. By optimizing the R&D steps, OCP Group can reduce the time it takes to get products to market, thus maintaining its competitive advantage.


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