R&D: A pillar of OCP Group’s transformation

OCP Group integrates R&D into its entire industrial value chain with the help of high-level researchers, doctors, engineers, and technicians. The goal is to integrate innovation into the phosphate industry to develop new products and technologies to, in turn, create value and maintain the company’s leading position.

OCP works daily to improve its operational performance, strengthen its technological capabilities, and guarantee top-tier R&D investments. 

R&D is the key factor that will make it possible for OCP Group to transition to the phosphate industry of the future and be a pioneer in the industry 4.0, which will be more agile, efficient, accurate, and respectful of the environment.

The industry 4.0 is characterized by the use of digital tools like artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and digital services that promote decision-making agility, process automation, the use of sensors, data analysis, improved management, and optimized maintenance.



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