A historic commitment to our communities

Acting independently or in partnership with local organizations, the Group designs and develops programs to support local communities. Its operational activities serve as catalysts and make
positive contributions to the communities in which the Group operates.
By working in partnership with NGOs and civil society, the Group contributes to creating jobs and providing training, while investing in infrastructure and access to basic services.

Committed to community engagement

Run by its foundations, the Group’s community programs are designed in accordance with each region’s specificities. Since its inception, OCP Foundation had been a means of showing the Group’s commitment and mobilizing its efforts. It deploys OCP’s human development programs in the country’s 16 regions, and its geographical scope spans the entire African continent and stretches into Asia, where OCP Foundation manages flagship projects to meet local populations’ needs and works to strengthen the South-South Cooperation.

Co-constructed initiatives

Both OCP Foundation and Phosboucraa Foundation run long-term community programs and intiatives, contributing to create shared value. They collaborate with local players and stakeholders, in Morocco and internationally.

Education; health; youth employability; agricultural, entrepreneurial, and sociocultural development, etc. All projects developed by OCP Foundation are oriented towards social progress. Whether acting alone or with partners, OCP Foundation is active anywhere the Group is established, both in Morocco and internationally.

Since 2014, the Phosboucraa Foundation has been a means for the Group to express its societal commitment on a day-to-day basis in Morocco’s three Southern regions. It supports and initiates targeted community and support measures to foster social and economic fabric offering strong potential. The Phosboucraa Foundation is committed to developing the Southern regions’ most

valuable asset: its men and women. It does so by supporting farmers, strengthening small business capacity building, facilitating access to care and helping women and young people discover their skills.

Co-constructed initiatives

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