Environmental protection at the heart of our concerns

An ambitious Water strategy

Naturally, as OCP's capacities grow, its need for water will grow as well. The Group took this problem into account and put protecting water resources at the top of its priorities with the implementation of an ambitious Water Strategy, the major challenge being to combine balanced use of water and meeting the current and future needs of its mining and industrial facilities. Thanks to its Water Program, the Group will achieve its industrial development goals without depleting additional national water resources. In addition, more than 60% of its industrial water needs will be met from unconventional water sources (purified waste water and desalinated sea water). This involves a commitment throughout the value chain, from mining to transportation, to optimizing the use, and reuse, of resources.



A responsible Energy program

OCP Group has also implemented a responsible and innovative Energy Strategy to reduce its carbon footprint. The company plans to achieve medium-term energy self-sufficiency through a number of measures aimed at diversifying its energy mix. As a result, OCP has been making use of low-carbon energy sources while optimizing consumption throughout its entire value chain. The Khouribga-Jorf Lasfar pipeline illustrates OCP’s commitment in this area: the transportation of phosphate by pipeline rather than by train translates to a reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 900,000 metric tons per year (i.e. more than 20% of Morocco’s carbon footprint).



The Khourigba Green Mine, a symbol of our commitment to rehabilitate our industrial and mining sites.

In the Khouribga region, the Green Mine pioneering urban center project illustrates OCP Group’s commitment to rehabilitating industrial and mining sites. Designed entirely using a sustainable development approach, this project will provide the region with an exceptional living area to cover over 300 hectares. MAD 700 million have been invested to develop the historic mining town of Khouribga, with the launch of a sustainable development plan for its infrastructures, the creation of new green spaces, and the opening of tourist sites, as well as the development of activity clusters that ensure job creation. The city is targeting zero CO2 emissions through a green transport system, a selective waste-sorting mechanism, and the use of wind and solar energy while saving water through optimized irrigation systems.  



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