Phosphate in all its forms

Phophate rock is used for soil fertilization
Phosphate rock

Primary source of all phosphate based products, phosphate rock is mainly used in soils fertilization. It can be directly applied or processed into fertilizers. Phosphate rock is also used as a raw material for animal feed supplements and for industrial applications

Phosphoric acid is used in the food industry
Phosphoric Acid

An intermediate product between phosphate rock and fertilizers, phosphoric acid is produced from original ore and sulfuric acid. Purified phosphoric acid  is used in food and industrial applications.

Fertilizers are the results of the phosphoric acid transformation

MAP is a concentrated phosphate fertilizer. It can be used directly for soil fertilization or as raw material for blends.

These formulations enrich agricultural productivity
Fortified Fertilizers

NP+ are nitrogen and phosphate-based fortified fertilizers , enriched with secondary and micro nutrients. These formulations increase agricultural productivity, prevent soil degradation, and offer highly concentrated solutions to improve fertility of deficient soils. They can be applied directly or used in blends.

Animal Feeds
An excellent source of phosphorus and calcium, Phosfeed® strengthens the skeleton and accelerates the animal’s growth.
Food supplements for animals

PHOSFEED® is manufactured by OCP out of the finest raw materials, it provides essential nutrients and guarantees healthy growth for the livestock. Phosfeed® products are certified GMP+ and IS0 22000.

Soluble Fertilizers
Soluble Fertilizers are well-suited to new micro-irrigation and sprinkler systems
Soluble fertilizers

Soluble Fertilizers are used for high value crops such as vegetables, fruits, flowers and other drip irrigated crops.


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