Our strategy

To double mining capacity and triple processing capacity
Our industrial and commercial strategy

An investment program at the height of OCP’s ambitions: to consolidate its position on the fertilizer market

Vertical integration, reduction of operational costs, economies of scale... OCP has a unique position in the industry through its considerable presence on the three sectors of the value chain: rock, acid, and fertilizers. 

Notre stratégie environnementale & sociétale
An eco-responsible industrial approach built around three pillars
Our environmental and societal strategy

Maintaining OCP’s position as sustainable agriculture leader through a committed social and environmental strategy

As the main supplier of phosphate in the world, OCP Group has one-of-a-kind fertilizer production expertise in the context of sustainable agriculture and continually strives to innovate in order to contribute to sustainably feeding the soil to feed the planet.

OCP’s governance holds a long-term project of shared responsibility
Innovation at the heart of our strategy

Every day, OCP group faces the challenge of permanently feeding a world with close to 10 billion people through its innovation policy across its entire value chain, from phosphate extraction and processing to marketing the group’s products and services to creating new products that benefit farmers and clients.  

The Group is promoting a new mindset involving innovative and agile ways of working
Digitalization, a lever for creating value, at the heart of the Group’s strategy

Faced with an ever changing world and constant stream of new technologies, digitalization at OCP Group is a major strategic opportunity to create value and develop the ecosystem.