Digital Transformation

Digitalization, a lever for creating value, at the heart of the Group’s strategy

Faced with an ever changing world and constant stream of new technologies, digitalization at OCP Group is a major strategic opportunity to create value and develop the ecosystem. In this context and in line with its ambitions as a national and international leader, OCP Group has embraced digitalization by implementing a “digital transformation” which covers its entire value chain as well as its transversal functions: industry 4.0, piloting performance, integrated supply chain, new services to customers and farmers, new collaborating experience, etc ... just a few examples of the strategic initiatives in this digital transformation. 


A new mindset and new agile ways of working

But first and foremost, and to permanently engrain digitalization in everyone's DNA, the Group is promoting a new mindset involving innovative and agile ways of working - data-driven decision-making, an approach focused on the human aspect, on collective intelligence, and by developing the digital skills necessary for the Group’s development and that of its ecosystem.

Un nouveau mindset

Skills and structures, boosters of the Group's digital transformation and that of its ecosystem

To deliver maximum value, the Group has implemented digital factories with agile operations, favoring collaboration and the exchange of ideas, soliciting new skills, such as UX designers, agile coaches, data scientists ... Specific principles and methods are used, such as visual management boards for better collaboration and decision-making in transparency. On the other hand, a Digital Lab has also been set up to acculturate employees to new technologies and to source digital innovation internally and externally. This effort is based on a strategic partnership with IBM, accelerating the Group's digital transformation and capitalizing on this experience in favor of the ecosystem. This joint venture, Teal Technology Services, provides the Group with various services in conceptualization and design, implementation, operationalization and maintenance.

Des compétences et des structures

A close cooperation with UM6P

In addition, OCP Group works in close collaboration with UM6P, a major innovation and research center, to infuse innovation in the mining industry. Also, digital transformation involves local communities and promotes the emergence of a digital ecosystem. OCP Group initiated this dynamic with local communities, for example by launching two coding training schools: YouCode in partnership with the French school Simplon, as well as 1337, whose concept is similar to that of the l’école 42 in Paris. 

Une collaboration étroite avec l’UM6P

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