Our industrial and commercial strategy

An investment program at the height of OCP’s ambitions: to consolidate its position on the fertilizer market

Vertical integration, reduction of operational costs, economies of scale... OCP has a unique position in the industry through its considerable presence on the three sectors of the value chain: rock, acid, and fertilizers.  

The Group is implementing an ambitious modular investment program for upstream and downstream activities for the 2008 to 2027 period in order to meet the growing demand for food. This program represents an investment on the order of MAD 200 billion.  

The company plans to expand its facilities throughout Morocco, increase its mining and processing capacity to reach 12 million metric tons of fertilizer by 2018, and consolidate its strong position in the fertilizer industry.

Our ambition is to double mining capacity and triple processing capacity. The first phase of this plan’s accomplishments reinforces our vision and strengthens our confidence in the future, which still has vast potential for further development. 

OCP Group also has the ability to quickly adapt its product offering in order to provide different volumes of phosphate rock, phosphoric acid, and phosphate fertilizers and adapt to a volatile and seasonal market. This represents a significant competitive advantage. OCP’s diverse portfolios (products, regions, customers), strong industrial development, and effective sales force provide maximum agility and flexibility that, in turn, strengthen the company’s leadership.  


The three pillars of the Group’s strategy

Strengthening mining and processing capacities
Cost control
Industrial flexibility & commercial agility
Overview of the industrial program 2008 – 2027
Programme Industriel

Jorf Lasfar, the largest fertilizer complex in the world

In February 2016, a fertilizer production plant dedicated entirely to Africa was inaugurated at Jorf Lasfar, the African Fertilizer Complex. 


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Jorf Lasfar

Digital transformation to serve operational excellence

OCP Group is putting digital technology at the heart of its value chain in order to maintain its position as world leader. Industrial digitalization has an accelerating impact because it adds a new dynamic to the company’s operational excellence. 

The Benguerir Mine

Benguerir’s experimental open-pit mine marks a significant step forward in OCP’s industry 4.0 approach.

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Beni amir’s automatic washing plant

Several initiatives and pilot projects are underway to prepare for the digital transition of industrial operations. The Beni amir automatic washing plant is among them.


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processus industriel

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