Our Locations & Partnerships

Strong partners to help us fulfill our mission of sustainably feeding the soil to feed the world

OCP Group believes that its development and performance are intimately linked the development and performance of its industrial ecosystems. As a result, OCP is proactively committed to developing the industrial structure that surrounds the Group through development tools, internal training, and creating strong and long-lasting relationships with partners.  

Mines & transformation
Mines & Processing
  • Phosboucraa
  • Prayon
  • Euro Maroc Phosphore (EMAPHOS)
  • Jorf Fertilizer Company I (JFC I)
  • Jorf Fertilizer Company II (JFC II)
  • Jorf Fertilizer Company III (JFC III)
  • Jorf Fertilizer Company IV (JFC IV)
  • Jorf Fertilizer Company V (JFC V)
  • Indo Maroc Phosphore (IMACID)
  • Pakistan Maroc Phosphore (PMP)
  • Zuari Maroc Phosphates Private Limited (ZMPPL)
  • Paradeep Phosphates Limited (PPL)
Commerce international
International Trade and Support
  • OCP International SAS
  • OCP Research LLC
  • OCP International Cooperatieve
  • Black Sea Fertilizer Trading Company (BSFT)
  • OCP do Brasil
  • OCP de Argentina
  • OCP Fertilizantes
  • Fertilizantes Heringer
  • OCP Africa
  • OCP Support Services Private Limited
  • Fertinagro Biotech
  • Rwanda Fertilizer Company
Ingénierie & conseil
Engineering and consulting
  • Jacobs Engineering S.A (JESA)
  • Dupont OCP Operations Consulting
  • Team Maroc
Développement des écosystèmes
Development of business ecosystems
  • Société d’Aménagement et de Développement Vert (SADV)
  • Société d’Aménagement et de Développement de Mazagan (SAEDM)
  • OCP Innovation Fund For Agriculture
  • Fondation OCP
  • Fondation Phosboucraa
  • Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique
  • Lycée d’Excellence
  • Teal Technology Services
  • OCP Solutions

Fully owned by OCP Group, Phosboucraa operates the Boucraa mine. Its reserves are estimated at less than 2% of national phosphate reserves, with a total annual production capacity of 3 million metric tons. Besides the processing and marketing of phosphate rock, the subsidiary will also produce phosphoric acid and phosphate-based fertilizers by 2021.

With nearly 2,100 employees who mostly come from the Laayoune region, Phosboucraa is a mining and industrial company that is fully committed to the socioeconomic development of the Region.

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OCP Africa

Building on OCP Group’s extensive phosphate and phosphate derivatives processing and production experience, OCP Africa was created in 2016 to work with farmers to help maximize the agricultural potential of the African continent. The African subsidiary produces fertilizers tailored to local conditions and the needs of African soils and crops. In partnership with a network of partners (governments, businesses, and non-profit organizations), OCP Africa works continually to ensure all the proper conditions for the benefit of farmers. Using its continent-wide presence, the African subsidiary strives to better understand the complex needs of African soils in order to provide access to the right fertilizer rate, in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price. OCP Africa is a subsidiary of OCP Group.

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University

Founded for research purposes, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University based in Benguerir is an exceptional environment for state-of-the-art training and academic excellence. Open to the business world, the University focuses its higher education model entirely on innovation and experimentation. The Green City and the University campus are equipped with “Living Labs” where researchers can experiment research in real-world situations.

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Jacobs Engineering SA

Jacobs Engineering S.A. is a joint venture between OCP Group and Jacobs Engineering Group Inc, one of the world’s largest provider of technical and construction services. specialized in engineering services, JESA offers a wide range of services, covering all project development stages including feasibility studies, construction management, maintenance and others. With existing offices in Casablanca, Rabat, Abidjan, Addis Ababa, Lakeland et Cotonou, JESA operates also in Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Guinea, Ethiopia Rwanda and Tunisia as part of its Africa strategy.

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dupont OCP operations
dupont OCP operations
Dupont OCP Operations

Industrial excellence is synonymous with safety and control. In order to strengthen its position as a leader in safety, OCP Group formed a partnership with DuPont in 2013 to create DuPont OCP Operations Consulting. This joint venture is devoted to industrial performance and makes it possible for the Group to reach a world-class level of safety, performance, and sustainability.

La Fondation OCP
La Fondation OCP
The OCP Foundation

OCP Group’s commitment to African continent’s economic development also involves actions by the OCP Foundation, which improve the living conditions of thousands of people in Morocco and abroad. It focuses its action on four priority pillars: economic and social development, cultural enrichment and preservation, agricultural development, and training and research. For more information on the OCP Foundation’s activities, visit:

La Fondation Phosboucraa
La Fondation Phosboucraa
The Phosboucraâ Foundation

The Phosboucraâ Foundation was created in 2014 and has been the main driver behind the commitment and corporate responsibility of both the Phosboucraâ site and OCP Group in Southern Morocco. Its purpose is to implement human development initiatives for the benefit of local people. The Phosboucraâ Foundation programs are built to meet local needs through four areas of intervention:

- Promoting education, training, and the improvement of people’s quality of life;

- Developing the economy through contributing to increasing the incomes of local people ;

- Developing and promoting the region’s natural and cultural heritage ;

- Rejuvenating territories, particularly through urban innovation programs.

For more information on the Phosboucraâ Foundation’s activities, visit:


OCP Group teamed up with IBM to establish the TEAL Technology & Services joint-venture, which offers digital services including analytics, cognitive computing, and the IoT to African companies in all sectors of activity, from agriculture to industry. The goal of the approach is to create a digital ecosystem through the establishment of a Tech Park around Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, with the aim of innovating in the context of developing and supporting national and continental companies and startups.

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