Maryam Rafiqi

04 May 2021

Putting science at the heart of economic growth

After several years travelling the world as a research fellow, Maryam Rafiqi (pictured)

Maryam Rafiqi

returned to Morocco to join UM6P’s Agro-BioScience department. “I’d been wanting to come home for some time, and when I found out that the university was setting up a plant pathology program, I got in touch. It was clear that they were serious about investing in innovation: the laboratories were incredibly well-equipped.”

Focusing on African scientific research is important for Maryam. “As a continent, we face huge challenges when it comes to food production. Investing in our own research programs is crucial if we want to take the lead in agricultural innovation. At the same time, of course, it’s an investment in our society. By putting scientific research at the heart of economic growth we create opportunities for our young people and build a culture of innovation.”

To create a better life in Africa, we need to put scientific research and innovation at the heart of economic growth

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How can Africa be a leader in agricultural innovation? UM6P’s Prof. Maryam Rafiqi talks about the opportunities

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