Water Program: Phosboucraa, the oasis of South regions

Laâyoune is soon going to host the 2nd largest water desalination plant in Morocco after the one in jorf Lasfar (25 million cubic meters per year).

Through its Water Program, the Group plans the construction of a second plant with a capacity of 7,5 million cubic meters. This will help to meet the water needs of the industrial development program of Phosboucraa’s site, in addition to the actual desalination station that works by reverse osmosis, which was implemented in 2006 with an annual capacity of 1,4 million cubic meters.

Furthermore, the Phosboucraa site will be equipped of a second washing plant for the treatment of sludge washing. With its second construction phase launched in 2019, the new washing plant will have a capacity of 3 million tons per year. It will insure the treatment and storage of washing sludge decantation and water recovery.


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