Act4Coopératives Supports the Solidarity Economy



To mitigate the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Act4Community has implemented a new program for local cooperatives: Act4Coopératives.

This new initiative reinforces the number of actions carried out by OCP Group collaborators and volunteers to assist and support local communities in need. The objective is to offer artisans and other members of the solidarity economy the opportunity to ensure the continuity of their activities and to equip them with online sales tools.

Act4Coopératives supports cooperatives through technical and managerial training, the creation of catalogs listing all of their products as well as setting up a home delivery system to deliver their products. To date, the cooperatives have received 200 orders from collaborators at the Jorf Lasfar site.

In Gantour, a catalog of local products is available on the Act4Community Facebook page with the possibility of ordering by email or via a form.

As for Safi's cooperatives, an e-commerce platform at their disposal highlights the products and includes delivery options.


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