Ethiopia showcases its main crops at the SIAM

L’Ethiopie expose ses principales cultures au SIAM


The 14th edition of SIAM has shown the participation of a strong Ethiopian delegation. To better promote Ethiopia, Assefa Mulugueta, Export and Promotion General Director of the Ethiopian Trade Department, shares with us in this video the main strengths and crops of agriculture in the East African country. He also came back on the technical input of OCP Group for the benefit of reasoned fertilization of various soil types with an appropriate use of fertilizers for crops.

Indeed, Ethiopia is going to host the second largest fertilizers production unit of OCP Group on a continental scale. It is a project launched in Dire Dawa, in the East of the country. With a production capacity of 2,5 million tons per year for an investment of 2,4 billion of dollars, the Dire Dawa platform should ensure the supply of the fertilizers local market as of 2023. It is also planned for 2025, to proceed in the increase of the investment by 1,3 billion dollars, which will allow to achieve a production of 3,8 million tons per year.

Furthermore, OCP Ethiopia Fertilizers Manufacturing PLC – local subsidiary of OCP Group – has signed an agreement, last 6th of April, with the Ministry of Agriculture in Ethiopia about the rework of the 5 blending units of the country as well as a supply contract for customized fertilizers in these units.


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