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Animal feed




PHOSFEED® : Highly digestible feed phosphate

PHOSFEED®, OCP’s range of animal phosphate feeds, provides essential nutrients to ruminants as well as poultry, pig and aquaculture farms.

PHOSFEED® is the perfect compound of high digestibility, nutritional value, sustainability and cost effectiveness.


PHOSFEED® products range

PHOSFEED® is manufactured by OCP out of the finest raw materials. PHOSFEED® provides essential nutrients and guarantees healthy growth for your livestock.

PHOSFEED® products are GMP+, HACCP, ISO 22 000 and ISO 9001 certified, they fulfill the highest quality standards for an optimal animal feeding experience.

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Discover why PHOSFEED® is the perfect phosphate source for your feed mix

PHOSFEED® products range provides a high digestibility level. Highly digestible phosphate feeds not only secures optimal growth for your animal, but also optimizes feeds cost and help protect the environment.

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PHOSFEED® team will be delighted to answer your queries

PHOSFEED® team will be delighted to answer your queries

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