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Global leadership with responsible growth

As the world’s global phosphate industry leader, we’re helping meet the world’s growing food need with a focus on responsible growth, innovation and a diversified product portfolio.

OCP is the responsible custodian of the world’s largest reserves of phosphate. We’re the leading producer and exporter of phosphate rock, and producer of fertilizer. We represent around five percent of the Moroccan GDP and are the country’s largest company.


As the global population grows, the need for food increases. By 2050 we will be nearing 10 billion people. Feeding them will require a 77% increase in agricultural yield. At OCP, we believe this can be achieved sustainably and with respect to the environment.


Our business strategy

Our strategy is guided by our vision: to create sustainable growth for everyone. We know that our business can only succeed and grow if we respect our environment and continually invest in innovation and skills-based education. 

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Our focus on the South

We are a global company – serving our 160 customers in 80 countries across five continents – but as a company based in Africa, our focus is on the South. We have major markets in India and Brazil, and we know that unlocking the agricultural potential of our own continent will have a global impact, as Africa has 60% of the world’s arable land.

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Our value chain

The OCP Group operations are fully integrated across the entire phosphate value chain. In 2008, we began a $20bn capex investment program to drive efficiencies across our operations to sustain our long-term leadership position. From mining through to production of phosphate-based fertilizer, we focus on innovation to continually optimise our processes, production and approach.

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Our diversified product portfolio

Diverse soil, crop and farm needs mean we understand that a one-size-fits-all fertilizer is not a sustainable solution. Our wide range of products is designed to support farmers in emerging and developed markets, and our customised solutions mean we can continually innovate to meet new needs. But it’s not just about giving people the product that will increase their crop yield. It’s also about sharing learning about soil management and giving farmers the opportunity to profit. 

Our customization process

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