Our responsible energy program

We are committed to 100% green power

Today, 86% of OCP’s needs are covered by green energy. Our energy program will help us reach 100% green energy by 2028.

With the worldwide increase in fertilizer demand and the corresponding growth of OCP’s industrial capacities, there is also an increasing need for electricity. 


At OCP, we believe a fair balance between better crop productivity and environmental objectives is a prerequisite for a lasting response to global demand. To achieve this sustainable growth strategy, we have implemented a responsible and innovative energy program to reduce our carbon footprint and diversify our energy mix.

Terminal Station of the Slurry Pipeline

Our Energy Program is based on 3 pillars:


Development of cogeneration capacity

Cogeneration consists of recovering thermal energy released during sulphuric acid production for conversion into electrical energy. We are developing this system across all our processing sites. This includes a commissioning at Jorf Lasfar, which, connected to the slurry pipeline, will be fully integrated and have its own thermoelectric plant – making the complex not only completely energy self-sufficient but also creating an energy surplus to fuel the complex’s sea water desalination station.

Implementation of energy efficiency measures

We have implemented a system on our processing platforms for more efficient energy management by allocating usage in real-time according to the needs of each unit, providing smart energy automation. We are also taking into account energy efficiency during the design phase of industrial projects in order to optimize the energy balance of production units.

Increased use of renewable energy in the energy mix

Among our numerous green initiatives, we are supplying wind power to mining sites, signing agreements for solar energy, and exploring innovation projects in the field of clean energy and new energies. Additionally, in partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute and Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, we’re developing the use of green hydrogen and green ammonia as raw materials and have created a lab dedicated to the research of sustainable solutions.


Powering OCP, powering the nation

Right now, 86% of our needs are covered by green energy. Not only that, we also produce 25% of Morocco’s clean electricity.

By 2030, we aim to meet 100% of our electricity needs though wind, solar and cogeneration production.

This will significantly reduce our carbon footprint – and it will make a major contribution towards Morocco’s aim of producing 52% of its electricity from renewable and clean sources by 2030.


We're committed to 100% green power, here's what we've already achieved:



of OCP’s electricity needs are covered by
green energy. By 2030, our aim is 100%


of Morocco’s clean electricity is produced by OCP

400 GWh/year

annual volume of clean renewable energy supplying all OCP mining sites

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