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PHOSFEED® 22, the new animal feed additive in PHOSFEED®range

PHOSFEED® 22 is the new mono calcium phosphate 22%, recently designed to meet our customers’ demand for feed phosphate additive with a higher phosphorus rate.

This highly digestible feed formula provides better water and citric acid solubility.

This feed phosphate fulfill the highest quality standards for an optimal animal feeding experience, for cattle, ruminants, as well as for chicken, pig, and aquaculture farms.

phosfeed 22

PHOSFEED® 22- Mono calcium phosphate product features

PHOSFEED® 22 is a light beige mini-granulated feed grade mono calcium phosphate, available in 25 Kg, 1 Mt bags, 1.1 Mt bags, and bulk.

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PHOSFEED® team will be delighted to answer your queries

PHOSFEED® team will be delighted to answer your queries

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