The OCP Group

A unique approach to the phosphate value chain

We pride ourselves on our uniquely integrated phosphate supply chain – the structure of the Group reflects our commitment to maximizing value throughout our operations


Our vision is to create sustainable growth for everyone – and our mission is to feed the soil to feed the world. The breadth of the OCP Group helps us to bring this vision to life in everything we do, from industrial operations to education and research.

We focus on creating an integrated structure: it makes us more agile, more efficient, and more sustainable. We thrive on creating shared value, building a network of partnerships that increase our performance throughout our operations, from industrial engineering to data centers.

The OCP Group spans five continents. Our global subsidiaries and international partners bring us closer to our clients and the farmers they serve.



Phosboucraa operates our mine and a fertilizer production platform in Boucraa in the Moroccan Sahara. An important organisation in the region, Phosboucraa provides jobs and development opportunities, as well as helping farmers work with extremely arid conditions.

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OCP North America

OCP North America is responsible for growing our presence on the continent. It focuses on building relationships and providing plant nutrition solutions based on the specific needs of North American soils.

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OCP Africa

OCP Africa helps develop sustainable growth in African agriculture. It creates fertilizers customized to local conditions and crops, and works with a range of governments, NGOs, and private enterprises to connect farmers to the agricultural services, knowledge and resources they need to thrive.

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Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P)

UM6P is a center of knowledge dedicated to research, quality education and innovation, to help drive Africa’s agricultural growth and solve global issues in food security. UM6P promotes learning through experimentation and practice.

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The OCP Foundation

The OCP Foundation seeks to improve living conditions for communities in Morocco and the African continent. It emphasizes the importance of education in economic and social development through programs promoting access to skills learning and knowledge.

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