A unique approach to every challenge

We use customization to adapt to the specific needs of each challenge – whether it’s for our business, communities, or the environment.

For us, customization begins with understanding the specific needs and context of every challenge – whether we’re helping farmers improve their soil fertility, reducing waste in our transformation processes, or developing new community initiatives. 


This approach began as a way to make the best use of our phosphate reserves, and help farmers use only as much as they need. We developed a flexible production system – an innovation that means we can make highly customized, specific products and flexible solutions for farmers. We now use customization across our operations, taking an innovative and targeted approach that’s better for business, community, and the environment.


Better for the environment

Feeding the soil is a delicate business. Use too little fertilizer, and nothing grows – use too much, and you waste a valuable resource and risk polluting the environment instead of nurturing it. Getting it just right is all about the 4Rs of Nutrient Stewardship: right fertilizer, right rate, right time, right place. Our approach to creating customized fertilizers helps farmers know exactly what ‘right’ is for their soil – and helps them use only as much as they need, with dramatic results.

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Better for business

Customization makes us more efficient: it helps us make better use of a valuable raw material, and helps us create better products for our customers. It also increases our impact around the world, by helping farmers scale their practices and generate better sources of income. For example, in Morocco our ‘Al Moutmir’ program has supported 20 provinces in developing their agricultural practices for more efficient output.

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Better for the community

Our Foundations and Act4Community initiatives enable our employees to create positive change based on the specific needs of their community. Each program is built from the ground up. We start by listening carefully to what the community needs most. Then we design solutions that fit the need: from greater monetary support for cooperatives, to building community buildings, sporting facilities and educational centers.

Cutomization in numbers


Moroccan provinces benefitting from the ‘Al Moutmir’ program


days a year granted to OCP employees to volunteer with community programs

1 million

farmers working with OCP for bespoke fertilizers by 2022

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