Our mission and vision

Creating sustainable growth for everyone

We’re working towards a better future for our business, communities and environment.

The challenge: grow enough food


There’ll be nearly 10 billion people on the planet by 2050. Feeding everyone will require radical innovation in agriculture – while also reducing the impact on the planet. We know this is achievable, thanks to the essential role that phosphorous plays in nourishing soil and supporting plant growth.


Our mission: feed the soil to feed the world 


As the responsible custodian of 70% of the world’s phosphate reserves, we have a vital role to play in helping farmers around the world produce enough food.

This role starts with increasing production of phosphate-based products to meet the growing demand, it includes understanding the different soil and crop requirements, and supporting the farmers’ sustainable use of fertilizer.

This all needs to be done with minimal impact to the environment. We need to produce more with less.

We’re already making progress. We’re investing in innovation that will improve the efficiency of using and reusing phosphate, we’re conducting soil mapping and analysis around the world and we’re customizing our approach and products so we can do right by everyone.

At OCP we’re on a mission: feed the soil to feed the world.


Our vision: sustainable growth for everyone 


At OCP we understand how everything is interconnected.

We’re the world’s leading supplier of phosphorous products. Our ambitious plan, driven by innovation, is to feed the world to meet the global food security issue.

We know that by making better use of our natural resources, we can support more crops, more farmers, more communities and more natural environments.

And at the heart of everything is always people. We want to ensure the world is fed, but we want to do this by offering opportunity to people – by encouraging empowerment and nurturing this through skills creation and education.

Understanding this interconnectivity and balance is how we believe we can ensure shared value creation and sustainable growth for everyone.


The power of phosphate


Phosphate is a valuable resource. We see its power not only as an essential mineral for plant growth, but also as a catalyst for positive change and development throughout Morocco, Africa and the world. 

Find out more here.


Sharing value


At the heart of our strategy is sharing value, ensuring circular growth, for the environment, our business and our communities.

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