Innovation at the heart of OCP’s strategy

Innovation is in OCP Group’s DNA. It is also key to maintaining an edge in the phosphate industry while meeting customers’ current and long-term needs and maintaining the flexibility needed to better serve agriculture. This is why the Group’s policy is to continually invest in R&D aiming at building further value creation and impact. All of the Group’s R&D activities are today concentrated at the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University aimed at becoming a research hub and an incubator for ideas and innovation. The University’s experimentation sites focus on main research topics that serve the Group’s objectives. Open to the researchers’ community, the living labs offer for researchers of all partnering universities to test real life solutions in main research areas.

Faced with ever-increasing global competition, OCP Group has chosen agility to continue to innovate in an environment enriched by the technologies that are already shaping the industry of the future. The solution: developing a business model based on innovative business ecosystems. OCP prioritizes collaboration and joint creation. It does so through partnerships and innovative links with its business ecosystem. Another means is involving employees in a new way and including numerous external partners, from SMEs and startups to research centers to innovation communities. This open approach gives rise to virtuous business ecosystems based on the sharing of expertise, all with the aim of improving speed and competitiveness.


Innovation at the heart of OCP’s transformation

Because using the right fertilizer rate, in the right place, at the right time is one of the most effective methods for significantly increasing yields, OCP Group places innovation at the heart of its initiatives to research and develop tailored, high-performance fertilizers that promote balanced soil fertilization.


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R&D: A pillar of OCP Group’s transformation

OCP Group integrates R&D into its entire industrial value chain with the help of high-level researchers, doctors, engineers, and technicians. The goal is to integrate innovation into the phosphate industry to develop new products and technologies to, in turn, create value and maintain the company’s leading position.


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Benguerir Tech Park, an innovation hub

The Benguerir Tech Park project, located in Mohammed VI Green City, is an ambitious project led by SADV, an OCP subsidiary specialized in green development. The Tech Park is designed to serve as an R&D and technology hotspot and boost startup incubation through support services and development of startups and small businesses in Morocco and other African countries.



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