Boosting the entrepreneurial ecosystem: Benguerir Tech Park

The Tech Park project is meant to benefit from the proximity of UM6P, the Industrial Competencies Center, the Green Energy Park, and the Green City to serve as an R&D and technology hotspot and offer to the whole OCP ecosystem and others an innovation space fully focused on research and incubation. The objective is to bring together startups, researchers, and industrial players to create synergies and serve sustainable value creation.

This incubation space fits in perfectly with the Group’s digital transformation strategy, with ecosystem development being one of its major areas of focus. The relationships that the Group has built and continues to build with startups are an essential part of the open innovation approach. This is a long-term partnership-based approach aimed at accelerating innovation.

The Tech Park is set to be launched in 2019 and will cover an area of 2,000 m2 dedicated only to clean rooms with a capacity of 800 racks. In addition to that, it will include a Data Center owned by OCP and serve also the TEAL joint venture’s projects as well as other potential operators.

The Tech Park is a booster of talent, production, and innovation to promote skills and exchanges between the academic world and the business world, with the goal of developing other Tech Parks in Morocco and Africa.



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