Developing talents

As an African Group and major employer in the world with 21,000 employees, OCP Group strives to support its employees and develop their talents and skills, as well as those of surrounding communities. Thus, we have created many innovative and accessible programs offering everyone unique and customized training courses.

The OCP Institute

Created in 2010, the Learning Institute’s mission is to adjust skills to meet the needs of business line and position developments, support ongoing transformation programs, and provide personalized support for employees throughout their careers from the start of their employment with a just-in-time training approach. To this end, the Learning Institute offers a diverse range of training composed of different technical, managerial, or soft-skills training programs.

Whether followed online via our e-learning platforms or in our classrooms, these programs are developed in close collaboration with the Group’s business lines and in partnership with recognized institutions. Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is the Group’s preferred training partner. The university’s highly-qualified and experienced teaching community has been called on to design and lead custom training programs to meet the specific needs of our employees and our business ecosystem.  
These programs use innovative teaching methods and explore a variety of tools in line with global trends in training, namely the use of digital tools for teaching, the use of collaborative learning practices, the increasingly frequent connection between gaming and training, etc.  Finally, and, with the aim of being a company of learners, these programs give our in-house experts a platform to share their knowledge and expertise and play a part in their colleagues’ development.

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Mohammed VI Polytechnic University 

As part of its commitment to Africa’s economic and social development, OCP Group has created a world-class African academic and research institution: Mohammed VI Polytechnic University. Open to the world and Africa in particular, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is dedicated to research and higher education based on technology transfer, incubation of innovative projects, and proximity to the corporate world. Through its study programs centered on entrepreneurship and farming, especially in arid and semi-arid environments, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University trains the African leaders of tomorrow, while striving to advance agriculture. 


Industrial Expertise Centers

OCP Group is committed to training its employees and has created Industrial Expertise Centers. Five of them have been implemented in Jorf Lasfar, Safi, Khouribga, and Benguérir, and in the Laâyoune technology cluster. Each Center is specialized either in the processing business line (Jorf Lasfar and Safi) or the mining business line (Khouribga and Benguérir).
Each is designed to accommodate between 850 and 1,600 people, and has the latest teaching tools and facilities. The purpose is to adapt educational facilities and training programs to our professional environment. 


The Skills Centers

OCP Group is committed to creating momentum in local environments and has thus created the Skills Centers, which are capacity-building institutions for young people. These are a driving force to develop and advance civil society. The Skills Centers deliver training programs in various fields. For young people, the Skills Centers provide orientation and a place where they can discuss personal development, search for jobs, and learn languages. For local associations, the Skills Centers have implemented a program dedicated to boosting their skills and managing projects with socio-economic benefits for their region. For entrepreneurs, the Skills Centers offer training programs and support to develop their entrepreneurial skills, set up their projects, and launch their businesses.  
The Skills Centers are located at four OCP sites: Youssoufia, Benguerir, Laâyoune, and Khouribga, each with a capacity ranging from 600 to 1,000 participants. 


Institute for Social Advancement and Education (IPSE) 

The Institute for Social Advancement and Education (IPSE) is an OCP institution providing high-quality education to children through the use of new technologies, development of language skills, introduction to the experimental approach, and the promotion of science. The Group offers high-quality education to 13,528 children of employees in 19 schools covering all the areas where the Group operates. 


OCP Professors  

The OCP Professors program is a mentoring program created to encourage continuous learning within the Group. It is an innovative concept that bolsters the transmission and sharing of know-how between employees in the Group’s main activities.


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