Al moutmir li khadamat al qorb

Centered around the fellah as a real change agent, this initiative relies on the scientific approach as a key lever for prosperous and sustainable agriculture and favors partnerships involving the different actors of the sector: institutions, researchers, distributors, resellers, farmers ...

« Al moutmir li khadamat al qorb » is an agile and integrated initiative that reflects OCP’s service-based offering for scientific research and innovation in the sector for the benefit of the farmer. It includes a mobile soil analysis laboratory, operating in the various provinces covered by the initiative, as well as an experimental farming program, used for training and sharing agricultural best practices, called Agri-platforms, of which 1,000 demonstration platforms are planned for the initiative.

The initiative is carried out by a team of agricultural engineers and has already been deployed at a dozen provinces nationwide. As part of OCP’s commercial development plan, each agricultural engineer is in charge of promoting reasoned fertilization along with technical support to the fellahs in their region. In all, 30 agronomists will be permanently deployed across 20 provinces and will work daily with the fellahs, providing training, demonstrations, monitoring and support. Thanks to this team of agronomists, the initiative is off to strong start at the provincial level and regional meetings are planned as of next week. They will concern nearly 28 stages for cereals, legumes, olives and market gardening.

In addition to the human resources deployed, OCP provides the fellah with important scientific and technological resources, namely the scientific reference system, which is simplified and adapted to each stage of the technical itinerary and the mobile laboratory, which travels all over the regions to carry out soil analyses, free of charge and with almost immediate results - a real showcase of the latest technologies and innovations in the agricultural field.

The OCP offer also includes a wide range of services and tools integrating innovative production units (Smart Blenders), mobile applications, a call center, sensors and connected devices to collect and analyze data. Digitalization is positioned at the heart of this device as real accelerator for development. It thus facilitates the transfer of scientific knowledge to the fellah and encourages sharing within the agricultural ecosystem.