Beni amir’s automatic washing laundry

Several initiatives and pilot projects are underway to prepare for the digital transition of industrial operations. The Beni Amir automatic washing plant is among them. Close to the Khouribga site, the Beni Amir washing plant has two production lines with a total capacity of 12 million metric tons. It is the world’s largest phosphate beneficiation plant with the greatest capacity per line on the planet. 
This new washing plant embodies OCP’s operational excellence and is part of the pilot sites to achieve the Group’s industrial digitalization. These initiatives affect two areas: the industrial process and maintenance.  

The first key step in the industrial process is washing the phosphate rock, which is then turned into pulp and transported to the processing plants through the Slurry Pipeline. The digitalization of this process guarantees the phosphate’s proper physical characteristics (particle size) and chemical composition. It is now possible to predict and adapt the quality of the product by analyzing it upstream. This reduces the use of resources, saves time, and reduces our environmental impact. The integration and automation of these processes also guarantee quality and the provision of the right product at the right time. For example, the automation of bucket wheels leads to increased yields and improved flow control, in addition making it possible to anticipate breakdowns, track market parameters in real time, and redeploy staff to other operations thanks to sensors coupled to an anti-collision systems and self-driving vehicles.
The other key component of the industrial process is maintenance. The digitalization of the washing plant operations makes it possible for OCP to predict equipment life expectancy and failure through advanced analytics models that analyze the data collected by the sensors. The developed algorithms also identify of the causes of failures and anticipate breakdowns in order to plan washing plant stoppages without disrupting the entire production line.
Beyond the incurred expenses, this transformation and the associated contribution of digital technology to industrial activities highlight the operational excellence of OCP Group, which is consolidating and maintaining its position as the world leader in the phosphate industry.


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