4th edition of the Focus report « Agriculture in Africa 2023 »

4th edition of the Focus report « Agriculture in Africa 2023 »


Oxford Business Group (OBG) has unveiled the fourth edition of the focus report titled “Agriculture in Africa 2023”, produced in collaboration with OCP Group.

This comprehensive report explores the roles of local communities, female and youth-focused initiatives in cultivating innovation and sustainable, inclusive growth within Africa’s agricultural landscape. It underscores the importance of transitioning to knowledge-based farming systems and highlights initiatives from various organisations across different subsegments that are paving the way for empowering Africa’s local communities, youth and women to shape sustainable agri-food systems.

The report emphasises initiatives aimed at empowering farmers, particularly women, and addressing gender-based financing and disparities. Additionally, it highlights the role of technology and innovation in shaping the future of sustainable African agriculture and discusses youth-focused programs, entrepreneurship initiatives, and education and training opportunities in this sector.

The report is now available to view and download at: report link


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