U.S. Department of Commerce Second Administrative Review of CVDs

U.S. Department of Commerce Second Administrative Review of CVDs on Moroccan Phosphate Fertilizer Imports (Preliminary Results)

OCP takes note of the preliminary results announced by the U.S. Department of Commerce (“DOC”) in the second administrative review of the countervailing duty (“CVD”) order on certain Moroccan phosphate fertilizer imports into the United States. If confirmed in the final results of this review expected in October/November, the result would be an increase in the tariff rate from 2.12% to 14.21%

This new rate would be the final tariff rate for our 2022 imports and would also serve as the new provisional rate required to be deposited with U.S. Customs for imports occurring from around November 2024 and onward until the conclusion of the next administrative review, if requested, when the rate would again be updated.

In light of the detailed and robust evidence provided in the course of the DOC’s second administrative review, we are disappointed by these preliminary results, which we understand have been driven in significant part by flaws in the DOC’s methodology for evaluating OCP’s rights to mine phosphate ore.

OCP continues to believe that there is no justification for any CVD tariffs on our U.S. fertilizer imports. We will continue to pursue our appeals against these tariffs in the U.S. Court of International Trade and we will continue our full and transparent cooperation with the U.S. agencies as they conduct their analyses. As soon as the conditions allow, we are ready to resume our critical role as a reliable, high-quality provider of sustainable phosphate fertilizers that are essential in enabling U.S. farmers to feed their fellow citizens and the wider world.

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