OCP Group finalizes the acquisition of 50% stake in GlobalFeed S.L.

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OCP Group, a leading global phosphate-based plant and animal nutrition solutions provider and Fertinagro Biotech S.L., a major Spanish fertilizer producer, are pleased to announce that OCP’s previously announced acquisition of Global Feed S.L completed on May 17th, 2023.

GlobalFeed, located in Spain, manufactures and distributes a wide range of products in the animal nutrition segment, including phosphate-based commodities and high-value feed solutions customized to different livestock species.

Regarding the transaction Marouane Ameziane, Managing Director for Specialty Products and Solutions at OCP Group, said:

“This acquisition confirms OCP’s commitment to becoming a leading player in the animal nutrition sector. We are delighted to close this transaction and strengthen our partnership with Fertinagro. Following this acquisition, we intend to increase GlobalFeed’s production capacity to 400,000 tons per year by 2027, in order to serve the needs of our customers around the globe, with an offering that expands our portfolio to include, beyond DCP, MCP and MDCP, premium products and customized solutions.

Generoso Martin, Founder of Fertinagro Biotech, said:

“The completion of this acquisition not only demonstrates our two companies’ strong commitment to continue serving our customers with innovative phosphate solutions, but is also a testament to the success of our relationship, which we will continue to strengthen in the years to come.”

About OCP Group

OCP plays an important role in feeding a growing global population, by providing essential elements for the agricultural industry, with a century of experience and revenues reachin US$ 11.3 billion in 2022. OCP is a leader in plant nutrition and the world’s first producer of phosphate-based products. OCP provides a wide range of customized products to enhance soil, increase agricultural yields, feed animals and help nourish the planet in a sustainable and affordable way.

Headquartered in Morocco and present on five continents, OCP works in close partnership with more than 350 customers across the world. The Group is firmly convinced that leadership and profitability are necessarily synonymous with social responsibility and sustainable development. Its strategic vision is rooted in the meeting of these two dimensions.

Learn more: www.ocpgroup.ma

About Fertinagro Biotech

Fertinagro is a major Spanish fertilizer company with more than 35 years of experience in the production and commercialization of plant nutrition solutions (NPK, enriched NPK, biostimulants etc.) and is a leading player in terms of product development capabilities biotech application and number of patents registered. It has a production capacity of 2 million tons throughout its 28 owned manufacturing plants and logistics centers located in Spain and France. Fertinagro also has an international footprint through its subsidiaries and sales in over 60 countries worldwide.

Learn more: www.fertinagrobiotech.com


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