20 Jul 2020

The artist, the friendship and the opportunity


I shared my art with my neighbor – and my life changed. By Abdelmajid Eradidi


Some see art as simply brush strokes on a canvas, carved rock or welded metal. But to me art is more than that. Art is emotion. Art can tell stories and express feelings that could never be spoken by the mouth or written by the hand. 

I was born in the rural commune of El Gnadiz, in the province of Khouribga. I have been passionate about drawing for about 10 years. I draw as much as I can, sometimes for days at a time. 

I have always dreamt of seeing my drawings displayed in an exhibition, so people can see my happiness and my story, and maybe they can take some of what they have seen and be inspired in their lives, too.

Local artists Abdelmajid Eradidi at the first exhibition of his artwork

The exhibition let me meet people and exchange ideas, it made me feel incredible

One day my friend and neighbor, Mohamed Hadri, saw my pictures and thought they should be displayed. Mohamed works for OCP, and under the Act4Community program he chose to spend some of his time helping me share my passion, helping me put on a solo art exhibition. 

Ten months ago, I showed about 40 of my crayon drawings and artwork at the Media Library of Khouribga. I’ve never studied art, so to see my work in a gallery was amazing. Before this day, I didn’t even realise Khouribga had a place that’s so dedicated to art and culture.

My work is colorful, inspired by natural landscapes, capturing the beauty of Morocco, mixed with how I view it in my imagination. I only started drawing when I became disabled, so to see them on show is a reminder of what I can achieve despite everything. 

The exhibition, entitled Défi et Créativitié [Challenge and Creativity] was met with such positive comments, it was satisfying to know that people enjoyed my work. The exhibition let me meet people and exchange ideas, it made me feel incredible. Nothing can describe the feeling of bringing joy to someone’s face. 

Every time someone looks at one of my drawings it’s like I’m sharing a little secret with them, allowing them to open a door into my imagination. 

I hope through seeing my drawings, people go away and explore their own imaginations, and who knows, maybe one day, they will open the door of their imagination for others to explore.

About Act4Community


Act4Community is a program that was launched to harness the creativity of the entire OCP Group. It’s an integral part of our CSR vision for sustainable development. Each employee can identify worthwhile community programs and use up to 30 days annually, backed by OCP’s resources, to support initiatives and deliver positive social impact. The choice of program is up to the employee – as long as it contributes to local development. To date, more than 1,200 employees have given their time to associations and communities as part of the Act4Community program. Nearly 5,000 days of volunteering were carried out in 2018 alone.

The Media Library of Khouribga celebrates art, learning and culture

The Media Library of Khouribga


Built by OCP Group, the Media Library of Khouribga is devoted to both art and culture in the city and region. The library’s cultural program is varied and innovative, covering books, multimedia as well as cultural and artistic activities in the city and its environs. 

The building houses an auditorium and six study and social areas, with access for people with limited mobility as well as the visually impaired. These areas include workrooms, the cafeteria and academic spaces, and all are equipped with a multimedia station. 

Everyone living in and near Khouribga is invited to become a library member – there are plenty of activities for the whole family.

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